Wagner On-Demand 905 Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner

wagner 905 buy from amazonWagner 905 Power On-Demand Steamer is here to make the cleaning and wallpaper removal is quicker and easier than ever. This system is able to give you 1,500 watts of deep sanitizing steam, which can be easily controlled just by the press of a button. As the unitit uses only the water to sanitize, cleanse, and remove wallpaper, this Wagner 905 allows you to save money and will help you maintain your kids and pets safe from hazardous chemicals. You don’t need to worry as the Wagner 905 is chemical free steamer, which strongly clean and sanitize with no left residue.

Powered by a powerful motor, the Wagner 905 is the most powerful wallpaper remover from Wagner company, which is capable of removing wallpaper up to 20 percent quicker than those non-pressurized steamers. The attached wallpaper steam plate makes the process of removing and pasting wallpaper easier than ever without the need to use any chemicals. Users only need to hold the steam plate flat simply against the wallpaper for 15-20 seconds and then the steam will free the wallpaper’s adhesive, allowing you to remove the paper easily. Wagner 905 is a one-step process that can even work on multiple layers and vinyl.

Features for the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner

• Wallpaper remover and 1,500-watt steam cleaner
• Pressurized system kills pathogens, removes wallpaper and sanitizes grills
• 12-minute pre-heat time, 45-minute run time (continuous)
• Accessories are included
• Lightweight (less than 18 pounds)

On Board Tools

wagner 905 review : floor cleaningThe Wagner On-Demand 905 1,500-Watt Power Steamer and Cleaner comes with several additional cleaning tools for better versatility. The tools are:
• Flooring cleaning head
• Measuring cup
• Two extension tubes
• Fill funnel
• Floor cleaning pad
• Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer
• Window/tile squeegee
• Assorted utility brushes

What Customers Are Saying About The The Wagner 905 ?

The The Wagner On-Demand 905 Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner is considered as great steam by customers, especially those who love cleaning without harmful chemicals. The Wagner 905 unit is truly a great purchase. Using Wagner 905 the cleaning job becomes amazingly easy, needing just little elbow grease, and everything truly can become clean.

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  • The Wagner On-Demand 905 Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner is solidly built to be able to perform as expected.
  • The way the unit has been designed allows the continuous steam function making it much safer than other steamers available.
  • It’s easier to use this vacuum cleaner than many expect. The steam as well as the good design really does most of the work, which probably with other steamers you have to do most of the work without any guarantee that the results are as expected.
  • The vacuum unit is versatile and functional
  • Wagner 905 is considered as the best steamer product, which is much better than most of the ones offered at those shopping channels.
  • It is made of stainless steel with iron grates and gas fixtures. This machine really does the cleaning.
  • Users do not need to put hard effort at all to lift the stains they thought were impossible. The unit can also remove a burn blemish in the stainless steel that may have been there for years, which cannot be taken by a lot of scrubbing. And, after employing the vacuum macwagner 905 for kitchen cleaninghine, all will just a matter of wiping a bit water residue away.
  • The unit allows an easy way to empty out the water right after it is cooled down.



  • The Wagner 905unit does not have a powered brush attachment for pulling pet hair out of upholstery.
  • It should have an indicator to let users know how much water is remained in the reservoir.


Why You Should Buy The Wagner On-Demand 905 Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner

wagner 905 for wall cleaningThe Wagner On-Demand 905 1,500-Watt Power Steamer and Cleaner is worth a purchase because simply it has a number of great features. The unit leaves no messy residue, and it is definitely a chemical free cleaning system. It offers 1,500 watts pressurized steam that will clean and sanitize deeper within surfaces. The steam is capable of destroying bacteria, mites, dust spores, and even removes mildew quickly and easily.

Currently it is an on-demand steam giving maximum power and versatility. The 905 Power Steamer offers an effective, on-demand fingertip control to allow precise cleaning and easy handling. Only with a touch of the button on the ergonomic handle, users will be able to select either intermittent steam or continuous steam to meet the steamer’s output to the job at hand.

The Wagner 905 steamer and cleaner unit also comes with functional accessories for versatile use. It has an assortment of steam cleaning accessories, which are capable of transforming the unit from a wallpaper remover to a steamer, which then can clean as well as sanitize your home.


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