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Combining the best of advanced vacuum cleaner technology in just one product,  Shark NV501 from Shark Navigator line is a great vacuum cleaner for all types of houses. It has great cleaning power, convenient on board tools and anti allergen quality that makes it great for household cleaning tool.

Following the steps of new vacuum cleaners that put emphasize on flexibility and lightness, the Shark Navigator Elite Professional Lift-away Rotator, or better known as  Shark NV501, comes in sleek shape and with combinations of three different vacuum styles. It is great for doing thorough cleaning up in any types and sizes of houses, even the ones with a lot of furniture items. It also has large dirt capacity for maximum cleaning as well as allergy proof sealing technology.

Features for the Shark NV501 Navigator Elite Professional

This vacuum cleaner may look sleek, but it is packed with wonderful features that provide multiple cleaning styles as well as powerful dirt suction power. They are:

  • Upright style structure, keeping you from bending down when picking up the vacuum.
  • Detachable lift away pod that gives you portable cleaning tool, perfect for cleaning up narrower and more unreachable spots.
  • Transparent dust cup that is easy to detach, complete with Anti Allergen Seal, making sure that all dust, dirt and hair are trapped well inside.
  • Flexible and easy-to-maneuver swivel handle, ease cleaning path through tables, chairs and other obstacles inside the house.
  • Motorized brush rolls with on and off options, perfect for switching between cleaning carpeted floor and hard floor.
  • Power cord is 30 feet long, making the vacuum able to reach far corners and spots.



With all of the abovementioned features, Shark NV501 will provide ultimate cleaning on both carpeted and bare floor as well as more difficult spots. Plus, the anti allergen seal makes it perfect for a house with little children or people with asthma and allergies. It also comes with 5 year warranty.

shark nv501On Board Tools of Shark NV501

Besides the main features, there are also several extra tools that come with the package to help you with other cleaning tasks as well as making the job easier around the house:

  • Pet power brush with premium quality, helping you with even the smallest and most delicate pet fur on the carpet or hard floor.
  • Crevice cleaning tool that is extendable and very flexible to clean up edges of floor and small spaces with ease.
  • Straight suction nozzle for more direct cleaning action.


All of these accessories have made Shark NV501 Navigator Elite Professional very flexible for almost all cleaning tasks; all of them are packed inside a sleek and portable vacuum cleaner.

What Customers Said about Shark NV501 Navigator Elite Professional

This Shark vacuum cleaner has gained mixed reviews; some praised its versatility, suction power, and transparent dust cup, but others mentioned its rather heavy weight, non flexible hose as well as some minor flaws. Here is what some customers have said about  Shark NV501: …

There are some pros and cons that customers have noted from  Shark NV501; mostly the pros come from its versatile function and suction power, while cons come from its rather unstable base and some minor flaws from some parts’ design.[Read more customer reviews…]


  • The suction power is good even for a house that has several pets such as cats and dogs.

    shark nv501 for hardwood floor

  • The sound is quiet compared to some other portable and sleek products.
  • The spinning brush is powerful, can clean even beads and cat’s treats off the floor and has automatic on/off function.
  • It can be used as both upright and canister vacuum, so users can get more freedom in maneuvering and moving the vacuum cleaner.
  • It is very light weight and easy to carry.



  • Since the vacuum is very light, it is rather unstable when used as an upright vacuum and can easily topple over when dragged.
  • The tip of crevice cleaning tool has rubber like texture, so it can often bend over when you try to clean dirt from floor edges (that are next to the wall).
  • If your family members or pets have long hair, it can get tangled on the power brush and you have to clean it manually.


Overall, Shark NV501 is a good vacuum cleaner to have by home owners of any type; from small house, big flat, crowded house or apartment-for-two. It may have quite minor flaws, but most users love the fact that the vacuum has powerful cleaning tool, has anti allergy quality, easy to drag and carry and has transparent dust cup that is easy to dispose.

Reason to Buy Shark Navigator Elite Professional – Model NV501

Shark NV501 is the best vacuum cleaner to have if you want to get all the best features from lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner. You do not have to choose between buying upright and regular canister vacuum because you can get both with this product.  Shark NV501 Navigator Elite Professional is powerful, versatile, light and safe for allergy sufferers.


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