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Hoover WH20200 is a disinfecting steam mop with twin tank. Combined with the steam plus system, that can deliver eradication from germs and pathogen bacteria around your living place. It is two-tank system giving you the ability to do cleaning with only steam or with extra Hoover SteamPlus disinfectant solution just by turning of a dial. Using steam alone it is usually not possible to eliminate dangerous bacteria dwelling on the floors of your house without a considerably extended exposure time.

If you use the steam with Hoover SteamPlus solution, then the Disinfecting Steam Mop becomes able to remove or kill approximately 99.9% of noxious bacteria or viruses including: Swine Flu (H1N1), Influenza A, E. coli, Staph, Salmonella, MRSA, and many more. Thus, Hoover WH20200 can cleanse each part of your house while the steam ready indicator is there to notify you whenever the machine is ready to use.

Features of Hoover WH20200

Hoover WH20200 removable tankWH20200 comes with great features including:

  • The ability of the unit to kill and disinfects almost 100% harmful pathogens.
  • It comes with two-tank system letting its users clean using the steam alone or using the Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant system.
  • Hoover WH20200 is equipped with clean control dial that can quickly adjust for heavy or light cleaning.
  • It is completed with power indicator light to let you know when it works and when it is off.
  • The unit is able to clean every single part of your house ranging from carpet glide to refresh carpets
  • The unit has swivel triangle head allowing you to do easy maneuvering and to reach hard to reach areas


Tools of WH20200

Hoover WH20200 attach beneficial tools including an extra long cord letting extra reach and easy mobility from one room to another. The machine also has washable cleaning pads. The docking tray is attached to protect your floors during storage. There are also included accessories such as triangle swivel nozzle and carpet glide to refresh carpets to go into corners and to move freely around furniture.

What Customers Are Saying about Hoover WH20200

hoover steamp mop with extra long cordThe WH20200 unit is a twin-tank mop is favored due to its ease of use. It is very helpful in accomplishing cleaning jobs on the floors. Ihe product is a lot better than any other cleaners or mops. It can easily reach every corner because of its triangle shape of the head.

What makes Hoover WH20200 special is also the fact that it meets green cleaning standard. With steam cleaning system it eliminates the need of detergents or harmful chemicals. It lets you destroy germs and bacteria while still assuring a non-toxic surrounding for your children and pets. The machine is also fully biodegradable and free from toxic materials making it ideal companion of every household. [Read more customer reviews…]

Pros of Hoover WH20200

hoover WH20200 easy to clean tankThe Hoover WH20200 is really superior for cleaning in tight and compact areas like bathrooms to fight bacteria. The unit’s TwinTank system lets you use steam alone for cleaning or incorporating its Steam Plus system for heavy duty tasks. The machine can effectively clean and refresh various flooring surfaces all over your home. It is simply effective and safe as totally biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning resolution.

As the steam alone cannot remove every stain or spill, the availability of the Hoover® SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution gives more power to the unit letting you get those stubborn stains and spills with ease. You don’t need to suffer from more backache, because only by adjusting the Solution Control dial you will instantly get the power of the Steam Plus Cleaning Solution for accomplishing extra duty.

Cons of Hoover WH20200

Besides many pros to find, there are several minor complaints about WH20200 unit. The machine is not fully convenient particularly as you have move the tray from one room to another room. In addition to that the water and solutions tanks come with crannies and nooks, and are tailored in a way that will not let them dry. It has small fill opening so that after you rinse, air will not easily circulate inside the tanks.

Why You Should Buy Hoover WH20200

The main reason why you need to buy Hoover WH20200 is that once you have this steam mop, then other steam mops will look obsolete. This lightweight machine is definitely able to provide quick heated steam necessary to cut through germs and bacteria. Hoover WH20200 offers SteamPlus™ Cleaning Solution to give extra treatment to remove stubborn grime and dirt. Just by adjusting the Solution Control dial you can instantly witness a really effective clean. If you want to be free of hassle when it comes to cleaning the house and have peace of mind when it comes to setting healthy environment in your house, then Hoover WH20200 is the best choice which you should think of.


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