Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner Review

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner ReviewHoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet CleanerFind On Amazon

Hoover MaxExtract is a Dual V Carpet Cleaner That comes with a powerful 12 amp motor. The easy-to-use machine is capable of cleaning carpets by scrubbing, applying, and removing hot tap water as well as cleaning solution. It has a wide path providing you with extra 20-percent cleaning and brushing a action.

The modern and efficient heated cleaning power will heat air from the motor right into the carpet, making the brushes and solution work more efficiently. You can run the SteamVac back over your carpet with no rinse to accelerate dry time with the hot air. This is simply a great machine when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing.


Features of Hoover MaxExtract

There are a number of great features that come with Hoover MaxExtract

  • It is a 12 amp carpet cleaner that comes with spinning brushes capable of cleaning and grooming carpets.
  • Dual-V Technology provides the unit with equal suction across the whole cleaning path
  • It offers high versatility: spill pick-up, direct heat, power scrub, and gentle scrub
  • The unit’s dimension is around 20 by 12 by 44 inches
  • It provides customers with 1-year limited warranty
  • The steamer uses patented counter-spinning brushes so it can wash and groom gently for a 360-degree clean.
  • It comes with intuitive Controls, which are conveniently placed where they should be –


Tools of Hoover MaxExtract

Hoover MaxExtract Accessories

Hoover MaxExtract comes with several tools including  The 8-foot hose, powered handheld tool, removable tool caddy, upholstery tool, SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Widepath Nozzle that are all beneficial to put difficult-to-reach cleaning on the tips of your fingers for furniture, floors, stairs and more. The sixth brush gives 20 percent extracleaning action than remined five-brush models. The clear nozzle can be removed for cleaning in between jobs with ease.

What Customers Are Saying about Hoover MaxExtract

There are several points that make Hoover MaxExtract so remarkable according to what customers are saying.First, its On-board technology gives clean as it allows gently washes and grooms all parts of every single carpet cellulose. There are three available settings letting you to determine how much power you wish for the job. Second, the DualV Nozzle can distribute evenly the power of 12-amp motor to pulls the germs, dirt, water and detergent up and out.

Heated cleaning will dry all the floor surfaces faster. Third, the Hoover MaxExtract machine is not only capable of cleaning but also thinking. All you need to do is just adding the water and the detergent and let the Automatic Detergent Mixing System set the optimum ratio for you. The Auto Rinse feature reduces considerably the cleaning time needed in half by rinsing while you wash.[Read more customer reviews…]


Hoover MaxExtract upholstery cleanerHoover MaxExtract with the WidePath Carpet Washer is so soft and clean. The machine I good as it has a rinse button so that users can make sure whether they have gotten all the soap out. It allows the carpet to dry super fast and just appears stunning. This machine is efficient because users do not need to mix the detergent in with the water. Thus, if you have detergent left over you can just return it into the bottle.

Hoover MaxExtract has separated clean and dirty water tanks that are very easy to use. Also, the tanks are very easy to refill and empty while the overall machine is easy to keep clean. It comes with beneficial attachments making the cleaning job more pleasurable. Many have their good luck with Hoovers that really can do the cleaning job so efficiently. Stains and odors can be removed from carpet permanently and probably no one may expect such a great result when he or she tries it for the first time.


One drawback of Hoover MaxExtract is that you should fill and empty the containers a number of times for a combination living and dining rooms although the result is thrilling. Also the machine is quite heavy to carry reducing its flexibility.

Why You Should Buy Hoover MaxExtract

Hoover Max Extract Dual V is more than able to revive your rugs and carpets without the fuss of renting a commercial grade, heavy cleaner. It is worth a purchase because This Hoover avoids any possible trouble that may come anytime you want to do convenient cleaning. The cleaner’s Dual V Technology can generate equal suction all over the whole cleaning path and eliminate more water than any other steamers out there.

It has clean/dirty water separation departments, which are large enough to let you make fewer steps back and forth to the sink. It comes with the Patented SpinScrub spinning brushes that can gently lift dirt and cleanse all parts of the carpet cellulose. In addition, the steamer can pop out and is easy to rinse clean as you need.


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