Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 Review – Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum

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Are you tired of vacuuming obstinate pet hair and dreaming of new way to do it more efficiently? The Latest Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 is there for you including specifically designed pet hair picking tools to take out obstinate pet hair. It comes with a Lithium Ion exchangeable battery capable of running 2X longer with fade free power.

What is so special about the Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum?

Hoover BH50030 comes with The LiNX Power Head including brush roll ejecting for maintenance with ease and is equipped with a 25 degree pivot design for maneuverability with ease too. The Pet Upholstery Tool includes the triple blade design for grabbing pet hair, which is stuck to upholstery. The Deluxe Dusting Brush is completed with two rows of soft bristles, which are very helpful for cleaning delicate surfaces. This Pet Hand Vacuum from Hoover offers a two year warranty on the machine unit and two year warranty on the battery charger and the battery.

Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 Features:

Here are some outstanding features of the BH50030 that make it a great option for you.

  • Cleans obstinate pet hair without cord for freedom.
  • As per ASTM F2609.
  • Comes with a Lithium Ion exchangeable battery providing you with fade free power.
  • Nozzle with 25 degree pivot design offering easy move ability.
  • Pet Upholstery Tool providing you with a three blade design for picking up pet hair.
  • Ability to make clean fragile surfaces by using the Deluxe Dusting Brush.


What customers are saying ?

Pros :

  • Hoover LINX Cordless Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, 18-Volt, BH50000Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 has great 18 volt Lithium ion battery that will run at full power until dead.
  • This is a little vacuum that has some serious power. It is motorized and is wonderful at picking up pet hair.
  • The unit is offered with a limited six-year warranty on the vacuum, with an addition of limited two-year warranty on the battery and charger.
  • It is simple and clean to empty this vacuum cleaner. Several bag-less vacuums are not well designed and end up creating a big mess when you attempt to empty their canisters.

Cons :

  • The unit’s price is somewhat high, but this is significantly a better value than the other handhelds, for example and this cordless blows other competitors away
  • The battery should be taken out to charge it in the charging stand; though it is quite easy to do, but it will be easier to have a specific stand, which the entire vacuum can plug into.

Here is a breakdown of what customers are raving about with the Hoover  BH50030 Pet Cordless Vacuum.

  • hoover BH50030 best pet hair handheld vacuumThe LINX Powerhead of the Hoover unit comes with a brush roll ejecting for maintenance with ease. The unit is equipped with a 25 degree pivot design letting easy maneuverability.
  • The triple blade design available in the Pet Upholstery Tool captures pet hair, which is stuck to upholstery.
  • The Deluxe dusting Brush has two rows of smooth bristles that make it ready to clean fragile surfaces.
  • The Hoover Pet Hand Vacuum is as tested per FCTP-0278p available with a limited two year warranty on the vacuum, the battery and charger.


So what exactly do you get from Hoover LINX Platinum BH50030 Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum?

The Hoover is really an impressive new cordless Linx handheld vacuum allowing you have a great upright machine capable of quick pet hair pick up. This is a definitely must have vacuum cleaner ideal for floors and stairs. The cone-shaped pre-filter of this unit allows more particles to cling to the filter. This Hoover vacuum cleaner feels sturdier in your hand than what you feel from the design on the earlier model. Users do not need a rubber band to hold this vacuum in place. You will also get other attachments including an upholstery tool and a dusting brush with plastic ridges intended to rub fur into a ball so that the suction will remove it.

The BH50030 Cordless Vacuum comes well rated and suggested. Users that have reviewed this Pet Cordless Hand vacuum cleaner are gratified with the overall performance and versatility.


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