HAAN HS-20R Review – Handheld Steam Cleaner

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HAAN HS-20R is a handheld steam vacuum cleaner that comes with attachments by Haan. Sold with a good listed price, this handheld equipment is ideal for sanitizing and cleaning throughout the house. The sleek handheld steamer can be operated with a trigger for accurate cleaning while for continuous steam you can adjust the locking feature. The unit can work from bathroom with hard to clean corners to kitchen with hard to reach surfaces.

HAAN HS-20R is an all-pro machine that while cleaning it will help you kill nearly 100% of household germs without using detergents or harsh chemicals. The unit can work almost everywhere just about any surfaces around and in your house. It is easy to see that the HS-20 R is simply a great addition to the floor mop world. For those who want perfection, then, probably this machine might not suite you. But, you can expect from this a very useful tool allowing you to save a lot of extra scrubbing. The unit can do 95% of the job, while you can just wipe up the lifted unwanted messes. The clean is nice when you finish.

HAAN HS-20R – The Key Features

  • HAAN HS-20R can produce high temperature steam (more than 212F) that will kill bacteria, germs, and dust mites.
  • It uses tap water and can heat it up to 3 minutes.
  • Per refill the unit is capable of 15 minutes of steam.
  • If you buy a HAAN HS-20R you will the unit along with full assortment of beneficial accessories as well as 1-year limited warranty.
  • The machine comes with completed accessory kit.
  • It has a compact and light weight design.
  • It is capable of steam clean with easy continuous steam lock or control trigger.
  • The unit is capable of 15 minutes continued, pressurized steam cleaning.


HAAN HS-20R-easy sanitizing entire home

Tools of HAAN HS-20R

HAAN HS-20R comes with various tools including the upholstery/ garment attachment, flexible extension hose, and multiple brush attachments. The unit includes angled nozzle, concentrator nozzle, wire scrub brush, extended flexible nozzle, nylon scrub brush, and more.

Users can used specially designed tools to the end of the concentrator nozzle in order to reach a targeted stream of steam with every tool.

The extender nozzle with attachments is beneficial to increase flexibility to approach around, behind, and into crevices. The Easy Control Trigger can be used to spray bursts of steam when it is mostly required.

What Customers Are Saying about HAAN HS-20R

HAAN HS-20R Hanheld Steam Cleaner makes its customers happy because the unit can clean nearly everything in household from toilets to stoves easily and incredibly. Using this machine people do not need to wipe up the loose grime because once they use the steam then all the stressful cleaning jobs can be done. The steam can be prepared almost instantly to make the unit ready to use.

HAAN HS-20R is very easy to use in one hand. It is designed so that at pressure and temperature it will not open. Many agreed that the steam mop is a lot easier to use than a medicine bottle, and use only simple principle to work.[Read more customer reviews…]

Pros of HAAN HS-20R

HAAN HS-20R In ActionHAAN HS-20R allows one-step cleaning, which means the unit can steam, clean and sanitize in only one simple step. Users do not need any chemical or bucket cleaners at all. Using its steam the machine is able to deodorize and eliminate smells caused by bacteria on pillows, cushions, curtains, sneakers, pet bedding, backpacks, and stuffed animals.

It is all chemical Free because the steam both cleans and sanitizes without detergents for a soft clean, which also means that no harmful chemical residues or fumes will end up on your family members and pets.

The steam mop is economical because it allows you to make a saving on wasteful disposable wipes and expensive cleaning solutions.

Cons of HAAN HS-20R

Among so many pros of HAAN HS-20R there is only little drawback of the unit. The cleaner does get HOT quite easily, thus, it is recommended that you read the manual book properly before you use it. Some folks dislike the idea of refilling frequently and it fact it is quite annoying to do so when you are on a roll. However but the size factor is the reason why it is that necessary. If the unit has a larger size was bigger, then the lightweight and portability would be gone. It also requires around 3 minutes between heating periods to get your steamer blast again.

Why You Should Buy HAAN HS-20R

HAAN HS-20R 15 minutes pressurized steam cleaningIt is recommended that you buy HAAN AllPro HS-20R because this steam unit is very beneficial for every household. The unit can replace a broad range of pricey disinfecting and cleaning products. Featured with pressurized steam this pint-sized powerhouse is strong enough to approach stuck on messes on the grill, in the garage, or on your car.

The unit allows multiple Uses, which means you can use steam to mop in order to make other household chores easier, healthier, and less expensive. Using this steam mop any of your cleaning works will be accomplished so easily like never before.


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