Eureka AirExcel Compact NLS Canister Vacuum – A Review

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Combining small and portable design concept with powerful suction from larger vacuum cleaners, Eureka AirExcel Compact NLS Canister Vacuum is clearly a powerful cleaning tool wrapped in small package. Eureka Air Excel Compact NLS Canister Vacuum is a bag-less, canister model vacuum cleaner with 6 feet, adjustable wand as well as transparent canister.

This product weighs less than 8 lbs and very easy to carry around the house. It can clean both bare, hard floor and carpeted floor with ease, and its retractable cord frees you from getting around tangled cord. The small size and adjustable wand makes it perfect for cleaning up even the most difficult spots.


Features for Eureka AirExcel

Eureka Air Excel comes with several useful features such as:

  • eureka airexcel automatic cord rewind9 amps of suction power, makes it very powerful in sucking up accumulated dust, dirt, hair and lint on both bare and carpeted floors.
  • Transparent canister to make sure that you know when to dispose the content, with very easy disposal system to avoid dust flying around. The bag-less feature also makes the vacuum easy to store.
  • Perfectly adjustable wand to help you clean the most difficult spots such as wall edges and corners between the walls and ceiling.
  • Automatic cord rewind button that you can push just with your foot.
  • HEPA H6 filtration system that keeps dust from being blown out and filtering potential allergy or asthma triggers.

With all of these features, Eureka Air Excel is perfect for cleaning a rather small house or apartment that has difficult spots to clean.

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Eureka AirExcel comes with some other accessories to support different cleaning tasks. First, it has telescopic wand to help you with more difficult cleaning tasks on higher spots such as up the walls and even the ceiling corners. Then, you have dusting brush for lighter tasks such as on the wall racks. Finally, you have crevice tool to clean the most difficult and hidden spots. Eureka Air Excel also comes with 1 year warranty, so you are pretty much covered.

What Customers Said about Eureka Air Excel

eureka air excel dust cupMost customers love Eureka AirExcel, especially because of its combination between small size and powerful suction (some even said that it can lift a rug when the power is in maximum). They also love the transparent canister with filter and convenient disposal system. There are some things that customers thought are minor flaws, such as the filter cap that is easy to fall off, as well as extra long hose that is even though helpful but makes the vacuum hard to store.

Another unsatisfied sound is about the warranty, which is quite limited because it is just 1 year. Other than that, Eureka Air Excel is considered a great product for deep cleaning in a small house or flat that is pretty crowded. If you are looking for a lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner, yet also need great suction power just like bigger vacuum, Eureka AirExcel Compact NLS Canister Vacuum is the product for you. [Read more reviews…]

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