Eureka 41A Review – Rapid Clean Step Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka 41A Image buy From AmazonThe Eureka 41A Rapid Clean Step Handheld Vacuum was particularly designed with usage-on- stairs in mind. The 41A is capable of multi-surface cleaning. Featuring an on/off brushroll as well as a bare floor brush flipping down to easily, the RapidClean Step can clean non-carpeted stairs along with other hard surfaces at home.

Users only need to flip the bare floor brush up and to turn on the brushroll start cleaning deeply any upholstered furniture and carpeted stairs. The 28 foot has a reach system that includes a 3 foot stretch hose, 25 foot cord, and crevice tool that will save your time while effectively cleaning in hard to reach parts of the house. The Eureka 41A Handheld RapidClean Step Vacuum cleaner is perfect for quick pick-ups, stairs, small and spaces.

Features for the Eureka 41A Rapid Clean Vacuum

Eureka 41A Rapid Clean Vacuum comes with amazing features including

  • Bare floor brush to help in cleaning easily those non-carpeted stairs as well as other hard surfaces
  • It is a 28 ft reach systems that comes with a 3 ft hose, 25 ft cord and crevice tool
  • Strong 6 amp motor is provided for extra cleaning performance
  • Bag less model that means it has bagels dust canister useful for visible dust removal
  • It coomes with a flip-down bare-floor brush for flexible and easy cleaning
  • It has 25′ of extended cleaning reach for more effective work
  • It has 22′ power cord, which is long enough for movement
  • It comes with 3′ hose and on-board crevice tool


On Board Tools

Besides those amazing features, the Eureka 41A Rapid Clean Vacuum also comes with a number of extra cleaning onEureka 41A brushroll for hard surfaces board tools for more versatility. For your convenience all tools are well stored:

• It has soft easy roll wheels that will not nick or scratch hard floors

• On/Off brushroll switch is provided for safely cleaning carpets or cleaning bare floors

What Customers Are Saying About The Eureka 41A Handheld Rapid Clean Step Vacuum Cleaner

Most customers of the Eureka 41A Rapid Clean Vacuum Cleaner agree that the unit is very powerful. It is really an ideal vacuum for corners, stairs, floors, and even can be used in car. With super long cord and great suction, the vacuum is very easy to use and thus, very helpful.

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  • The Eureka 41A is simply a big improvement over the original version where it comes with a more powerful motor, 6 amp compared to 5.5 amp, a more versatile brush for more well adjustment to vacuuming stairs, and a more comfortable handle. Furthermore, a cleaning task becomes easier with the extra two smooth-rolling wheels added on the new model.
  • This vacuum unit is AC powered.
  • The Eureka unit is beautiful since it has a standard AC power cord. That means the unit is capable running as you wish at 100% full power and allow you to do so without the need to have batteries charged.
  • eureka 41a for carpetThis handheld cleaner has slightly longer power cord (25′ vs 20′) allowing you to vacuum the whole staircase, or you’re the interior of your car from sudden dry spills while parked in the driveway without the need to drag out any big heavy vacuum cleaner. After you finish the cleaning, you can just wrap the power cord neatly around the rear of the case.
  • The powered brush comes with its own on/off control is custom-made to maximize its pet cleanup performance. It is in line with most new vacuums these days that allow you to empty the bagless collection bin and clean the filter easily.



  • The NiCad battery system of the unit has a short run time and thus, should be replaced as the world has turned to Lithium Ion batteries since once the non-replaceable battery dies the whole unit must be discarded.
  • The motor inside is not secured by anything unless the clamping pressure of the bottom plate. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the motor is properly seated before you try to re-install the bottom plate.


Why You Should Buy The Eureka 41A Handheld Rapid Clean Step Vacuum Cleaner

Overall most customers are happy with the RapidClean Eureka 41A. The manufacturer has made little improvement over the 71B but that makes a big difference. Thought he unit is a bit heavier than a cordless vac, but it does not mean you need to worry about a battery dying out. Most importantly The Eureka 41A Handheld Rapid Clean Step Vacuum Cleaner has so much more power clean any surface and to pick up the messes with.

For those who need to clean their carpets, upholstery, furniture and even car regularly will definitely value The Eureka 41A because the unit is pretty much affordable and is capable of reaching those tricky areas wehre spots and stains are located.


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