Dyson DC40 Review – Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner is an advanced product that brings traditional vacuum cleaner to the next level. It cleans every surface at your home without being heavy when you drag it, or being too hard to maneuver when you do thorough cleaning.

DC40 from Dyson is easy to maneuver and very flexible in movement, has great cyclone system to prevent weak suction power because of clogged airflow in the dust bag, and optimal cleaning system that adjusts well with every type of floor surface. It also has new, innovative Dyson Ball technology on the base that makes it easier to control than traditional vacuum cleaners. Packed with useful features, this product makes your cleaning up activity easier and more convenient.


Dyson DC40 Review : The Key Features :

This vacuum cleaner has some very stand out features for more effective cleaning task, such as:

  • Dyson Ball Technology on the base part, which made of the same material with car dashboard and has 360 degrees rotation, helps you dragging and steering the vacuum cleaner easily.
  • Long cleaning pipe/wand that has instant release technology, which helps you reach high spots with 5 times reaching ability compared to most vacuum cleaner wands.
  • The pipe can reach as far as 40 feet.
  • Radial Root Cyclone system, a specific technology of Dyson vacuum cleaners that rotate and spin dust, dirt and hair in high speed. This eliminates the need for large dust bag as well as clogging problems.
  • Transparent dirt bin, help you finding out more easily about when to dispose the content, and see how much dirt the vacuum has cleaned.
  • Long cord length (24.7 feet) that makes it easy for you to clean multiple or wide rooms.
  • Self adjusting system on the cleaner head to help easier transition between rug or carpeted and smooth, hard floor.


These features are the main signature of DC40, designed to give you more freedom in doing deep cleaning around the house as well as more effective cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is very suitable for cleaning any type of house, including multi story house.

On Board Tools

Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner also comes with some extra accessories to furtstair tool and combination accessory toolher ease all cleaning tasks at home:

  • Combination accessories that can turn regular vacuum cleaning tool into dusting brush.
  • Stair tool, which is a special cleaning tool to clean more difficult process such as stair edges and corners of the room.
  • Operating manual and quick guide for first time user.
  • Extension wand for longer cleaning range.
  • Original Dyson product registration card.


These extra accessories of Dyson DC40 will help all cleaning tasks at every type of house, effectively reducing pain and troubles of using old school vacuum cleaners.You can also clean your hardwood floor easily.

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What Customers Said about Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Many positive reviews about Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner mentioned its upright design, lightness, ball technology and suction power, but this vacuum also earned some negative light.

dyson dc40 instant release wand


  • It is sleek, easy to assemble and carry to everywhere in the house, even up the stairs.
  • The ball technology really makes it easy to maneuver around the house.
  • Extra long wand makes the farthest and highest spots reachable.
  • Transparent bin makes disposal more convenient and easy.
  • The Cyclone System is helpful for asthma and allergy sufferers; it has been approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.



  • It has stair cleaner, but the vacuum itself is awkward to be used on stairs because of its upright shape.
  • The cord is not long enough for rather large house.
  • The price is rather expensive for a vacuum cleaner.
  • The wand inside the hose makes it a bit stiff to control.


Overall, customers love Dyson DC40 because of its lightness, power, asthma and allergy sufferer approval seal as well as its ball technology. Complaints are usually about price and minor flaws such as awkward cleaning position on stairs, but they are just small flaws compared to the other positive aspects. [Read more reviews…]

Reasons to Buy Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from its expensive price, DC40 is packed with modern and great features that make cleaning up easier. You can easily clean up dust, dirt, pet’s hair and lint and create better environment for children and asthma or allergy sufferers at home. If you want a cleaner and more hygienic house, you should consider buying Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner.


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