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Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner imageDyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner
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Have you ever faced issues with awkward, wheeled vacuums, which are heavy to pull and want to get rid of such issues? To head the wrong way or collide with obstacles will not happen again if you use the Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner. This unit is an Animal full-size Dyson canister vacuum utilizing Ball technology for better maneuverability.

A Dyson Ball vacuum can clean without the awkward moves and it can turn on the spot easily. The DC39 also comes with a central steering mechanism for better control. The pivot point is placed close to the center of the unit, so it is able to make tighter turning circles as well as to follow easily the user’s path.


What is so special about the Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner?

DC39 Animal Vacuum Cleaner has a refined, cyclone vacuum technology from Dyson, since the company has invented it over 20 years ago. It also comes with new Radial Root Cyclone technology. The unit comes with improved flow efficiency, reconfigured air channels, reduced turbulence and preserved air pressure, allowing the inner cyclones to capture more microscopic particles. Such refinements are helpful in removing more dust, dirt, allergens, as well as pet hair from the airflow.

Dyson DC39 Features :

Here are some outstanding features of the Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner making this product an unbelievable choice for your home:

  • Dyson cyclone technology catching extra dirt as well as microscopic debris than any other without losing suction.
  • Come with Radial Root Cyclone technology along with remodeled airflows to optimize the suction power
  • Turns on a dime for better control
  • Comes with trigger head tool to adjust movement from carpets to hard floors.
  • It is the only turbine head mastered at the handle meaning no bending down
  • 5 Year Warranty from Dyson for parts and labor


What customers are saying ?

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  • Very little bending is required with this vacuum.
  • No more bending over to alter from plain floor to high rug to low rug to hose.
  • Fast and easy to have a great cleaning job done.
  • The small rotating-brush head functions amazingly on upholstered furniture.
  • The combo crevice tool/ dusting brush is effective and space saving.
  • The Dyson DC 39 Animal Canister design is much superior to an acceptable compromise and a powered head.


  • The price could be better
  • Requires emptying the bag less vacuum but it is easy to do
  • It keeps in a relatively little space compared to other canister vacuums with older style.
  • The cord could be longer.


Here is a breakdown of what customers are raving about with the Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner

  • dyson root cyclone technologyNew Radial Root Cyclone Technology is included within the Dyson Ball generating centrifugal forces, which are a lot of times the force of gravity. As the result, dirt, dust and pet hair can just be flung out of the airflow and directed into the bin without suction loss or bag.
  • Dyson Ball vacuum unit utilizes Ball technology to solve the steering limitations of stationer wheels. It rides on a ball turning on the spot so you will be able to steer with ease.
  • Reduced Noise Levels because all essential components are placed within the acoustically treated ball using the Ball Engineering without compromising its performance.
  • Using the trigger head tool there is no bending down is needs but instead the only turbine head is controlled at the handle. The Dyson 39 vacuum has easy control switching the brush bar off from hard floors to fragile rugs.


So what exactly do you get from Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner?

Common vacuum units rely on bags to keep dust and dirt. But as you use them, the little holes in the bag may clog up easily with the particles of dust restricting the airflow, so your vacuum cleaner becomes lose suction. Fortunately Dyson vacuum cleaner does not count on bags to trap dirt or dust. Instead, it uses cyclone technology spinning the air at unbelievably high speeds.

With its price range the Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner from Dyson is a great investment.

The Dyson Animal canister DC39 vacuum cleaner comes top rated and advised. Buyers that have dealt with this vacuum cleaner are impressed with the whole performance and its flexibility.


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