Dirt Devil PD20020 Review – A Steam Canister

Dirt Devil PD20020 buy from amazonDirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister is all you need if you seriously want to clean hard floors such as ceramic tile, linoleum kitchen floor, and wood floors to make the job a breeze. The unit is capable of cleaning even those stubborn spots and stains quickly and it dries a lot faster than mopping. The PD20020 Dirt Devil Steam Canister lets you safely clean and sanitize areas without the need to use harsh chemicals.

If it is used correctly, the Steam Canister will be completely safe and effective. Users can take advantage of it to clean a variety of surfaces including sinks, countertops, stoves, shower doors, windows, hard floor surfaces, and many more. The Dirt Devil Canister Steamer comes with adjustable steam control, so users can easily customize cleaning according to the type of the job. Offered at a price of $89.99 it also has a 5’ extension handle allowing users to take steam cleaning off the floor, to clean window coverings, and to refresh fabrics.

Dirt Devil PD20020 Review – Key Features

Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister comes with useful features including:
• 5′ extension with handle
• Floor cleaning pad and head
• Jet tip extension
• Strong but safe machine with adjustable steam control

On Board Tools

Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister is equipped with extra tools to support the steamer’s performance which include:
Dirt Devil PD20020 on board tools• Accessory Adapter
• Extension Wand
• extension wand (3 pieces)
• Included Accessories
• Jet Tip Extension
• Large Cleaning Cloth for Floor Nozzle
• Large Plastic Bristle Brush
• Measuring Beaker
• Metal Bristle Brush
• Small Plastic Bristle Brush
• Switchable Floor Nozzle
• Water Funnel
• Window Squeege

What Customers Are Saying About The Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister

Dirt Devil PD20020 floor cleaningMost customers are satisfied with the Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister when it comes to household cleaning as the steamer is capable of cleaning hard surfaces including ceramic, wood, or linoleum floors. Overall, the machine is an impressive unit that they can get with less money than other units with similar wattage. It has a hose that can be filled with condensation fast at each pause. Overall, many customers admit that they are pleased with the steamer and they cannot wait to find more uses of it.

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  • The Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister has value for the cost as the unit has many features and attachments equal to othe products with price twice as much.
  • The unit has amazing running time. Users only need to fill the tank one time and it can do all of the cleaning as explained for more than an hour and with water left in the tank.
  • It has a compact size so that easy to store.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It comes with smart design with efficient tool storage in mind.
  • It is equipped with large wheels for maneuvering around with ease, and various cleaning tools.
  • It has brush attachments that work greatly around the bathroom, particularly in the tub and in the tile grout. Users will have no issues with melting bristles.


  • The steam coming from the unit is very wet, which makes the use of the steamer messy.
  • The hose of the unit fills with condensation fast at each pause, and then spitting the water all over when users start again.
  • The tools look to not hold up under use and seem to have really poor quality.
  • It will be great if the unit comes with more than just one of every pad but working with just the two pads are just fine.

Why You Should Buy The Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister

Dirt Devil PD20020 appliance cleaningThere are many reasons why you should consider The Dirt Devil PD20020 Steam Canister as a cleaning tool. It comes with three stage protection systems featuring a fuse, a safety cap, and thermostat. Soft wheels are provided to prevent the unit any damage when it rolls the unit across your floors. There is a steam- ready indicator as well as a heat indicator that will tell every time the unit is on and ready to run.

The next reason is the unit can fully heat just within 12 minutes, and has around 45 minutes worth of cleaning time per boiler. The Dirt Devil PD20020 unit is designed to work at 1500 watts of cleaning power, thus it can work hard to take out tough or hardened spots, stains and grime from any surfaces. The machine also features an iron function and squeegee tool, which works well on tile and glass.

When it comes to the floor tool they simply can work with and without the mop pad letting you use it with no pad on carpets and rugs. Users can steam the carpets in their entire house and Dirt Devil PD20020 may be something they are going to begin doing all the time. Just lift the pile and freshen the carpet without leaving any wetness.


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