Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright Review – With On Board Tools

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Measured only 11x11x43 inches and weighted less than 9 lbs, Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright is a new generation of vacuum cleaner that is quite powerful despite of its apparent small size. This is a great cleaning tool to have if you only need specific vacuum cleaner for small residence or if you do not have pets and little children around.

Dirt Devil Dynamite is a compact vacuum cleaner with multiple cleaning tools, height adjustment and requires no dust bag, giving more flexibility in maneuvering. This vacuum is really great if you live at small house or apartment and needs something light but reliable for routine cleaning up task.


Main Features for Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from the compact and light design, this Dirt Devil vacuum also has several great features for easier cleaning up job:

  • Scatter Guard Nozzle to prevent dusts and dirt on the floor from being blown astride, preventing dust trails around the spot you have just cleaned.
  • Click and Lock Handle, can be lowered to 31 inches of height when you want to clean hidden spots.
  • Upright position to save you from the trouble of bending down and picking up the cleaner.
  • Height Adjustment that is fully automatic to adjust between cleaning carpeted or rug covered floor and hard floor.
  • Stretch Hose for more flexible cleaning reach.
  • 25 feet of cord for easy reach in large house or multiple rooms.


All of theseĀ  Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner features are made to support difficult cleaning up tasks, especially when you need to clean spots under the table, around corner coffee tables and lounge chairs or at a small apartment.


Dirt Devil Dynamite with on board toolsOn Board Tools

This vacuum cleaner also comes with other accessories to support more house cleaning jobs, such as:

  • Extension wand to help you reach high wall racks, upper parts of walls and even the top of wardrobe.
  • Special dusting brush to help with cleaning spaces between upholstery and racks.
  • Crevice cleaning tools for better cleaning up in difficult nooks and crannies.


These on board accessories make the vacuum cleaner works better, perfect especially for you who live in small houses, flats and apartments.


Customer Opinions about Dirt Devil Dynamite Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Many customers have split opinions aboutĀ  Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner; some praise the vacuum cleaner obvious perks such as its small sizes and portability as well as practicality, while others are not so keen with its loud noise.[Read more customer reviews…]

Dirt Devil DynamitePros:

  • It is very light, easy to carry and portable.
  • Easy to assemble and keep; there is also no need for removing dust bag.
  • The upright design means no bending down when you need to pick it up.
  • Very convenient and flexible to maneuver, especially when cleaning up small and difficult spaces.
  • Not really heavy or eat much space if you only have small house or flat.
  • Can easily clean both carpeted and hard, smooth floor.



  • It makes quite loud noise compared to other bigger vacuum cleaners.
  • The vacuum has frontal grill that lets out the suction power, creates scattered dust particles (especially when you use it to clean fireplace).
  • You must shake the vacuum cleaner a bit harder to dispose all accumulated dust and dirt.
  • The dust container is filled up too quickly.


Despite of some inconvenience especially about the noise and high pitched sound produced, Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless seems to get good reviews from customers who own small house or residence and have relatively lighter cleaning tasks.


Why You Must Buy Dirt Devil Dynamite Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is a great cleaning tool if you only have light routine cleaning tasks every day, like if you live at a small house, apartment or flat building or if you are a single person or do not have children and pets. It can be stored inside your wardrobe, and it will not eat up much space anywhere around the house. You also have more convenient and lighter tool to use for cleaning up difficult spaces such as under the table. The bagless feature also saves you from trouble of dirtying your hand when disposing the dirt and dust. For light cleaning tasks inside a small residence, Devil Dirt Dynamite Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner is a great purchase.


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