Black & Decker BDH1800SM Handheld Steamer Review

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Black & Decker BDH1800SM is one of the most innovative products from Black & Decker that has been long been setting the standard for the design of home cleaning items, power tools, accessories, automotive, lighting products, hardware and outdoor yard care equipment, automotive and lighting products.

For those who need a product that can do cleaning job at home efficiently and reliably then Black & Decker BDH1800SM is an ideal choice.

Black & Decker BDH1800SM Review : The Key Features

Black & Decker BDH1800SM comes with a number of outstanding features including:

  • It can get rid of approximately 99.9% of germs and bacteria only by using water. There is no chemicals needed to do so and therefore it is secure for homes with kids or pets.
  • The Black & Decker BDH1800SM comes with storage bag. Since there are a number of accessories attached with the product, the bag is beneficial as a storage pouch so that users can keep all together.
  • The unit has trigger safety, which is available in a dual action design. Users need to press it upward in order to activate the safety switch. After that they can pull the primary trigger to release steam.

Black & Decker BDH1800SM accessories 

Tools of Black & Decker BDH1800SM

When it comes to attachments, the Black & Decker BDH1800SM includes grout and detail brush, steamer, 25 ft cord, squeegee, fill cup, Mini Triangular Pad, Lift & Reach™ multi surface head and Squeegee, BDH1800SM hand held steamer, machine washable and reusable pads, 4 foot hose, and Easy-glide microcellulose pad.

Also the BDH1800SM Hand Held Steamer is equipped with a large brush plus a steam nozzle beneficial for streak-free steam cleaning.

What Customers Are Saying about Black & Decker BDH1800SM

Black & Decker BDH1800SM partWhat makes customers are happy the most about BDH1800SM is its great performance and versatility. In general the steamer is known to be the best performer for various cleaning jobs.  With steam, the unit can clean parts of the house like bathroom and shower very well. Even when users release the trigger, the steam does not stop immediately. Also the unit is completed with a number of attachments that make it beneficial for a wide variety of activities.

Black & Decker BDH1800SM is the best solution for cleaning the crevices, tough spots and corners. The reservoir of the unit can hold enough water to last for around 15-20 minutes of focused steaming but it is easy to refill when necessary via a small port that will pop open when needed but you do need always check on the water level to avoid it running dry. The long power cord, 25 feet, is highly appreciated along with the long hose.[Read more customer reviews…]

Black & Decker BDH1800SM part2Among the pros Black & Decker BDH1800SM is that the unit can make steam fast: just a moment after you turn on the power, the unit’s ready light turns blue, showing that it is ready to create steam as soon as you press the button. Also, the unit holds a little quantity of water. During the use the steamer can hold enough water for a total 15 minutes of full-blast cleaning.

The steamer is easy to fill. As soon as a fill port pops open you can refill the machine with water. The design of trigger safety is very beneficial when there may be tiny hands stick to curious little ones grabbing the thing parents are using when they are not looking.

There are several cons of BDH1800SM mainly related with the price. Compared to most handheld steamers out there. The Black & Decker steamer is higher priced. However, to balance that out, it is easy to note that products from Black and Decker tend to have very good quality. A fact that this product has a longer warranty than its competitors makes it ahead the competition. In terms of size this steamer is quite big and agile although it is not too heavy the unit is a kind of cumbersome to handle.

Why You Should Buy Black & Decker BDH1800SM Handheld Steamer

Black & Decker BDH1800SM Handheld Steamer is worth buying because overall this handheld steamer is very effective at cleaning and the item has comes with a number of excellent design features. It produces chemical-free steam to clean app parts around your house. It is flexible and versatile putting steam cleaning power at your finger tips. The product cleans the best in areas where you needed intense, close cleaning like a bathroom corner where your litter boxes are or the closet floor that have been used for boot and shoe during a long winter. The unit will make your house sparkling and totally clean in no time. With handy design and powerful cleaning ability, it is a must have item of every household.


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