BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Review – Pet Hard Floor Vacuum

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If you are fed up with inefficient vacuuming floor that takes out your valuable time and energy then it is time to think about the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Pet Hard Floor Vacuum. This is an incredible vacuum unit capturing debris and dirt and debris typically only a dustpan and broom can.


What is so special about the BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T ?

The vacuum cleaner is capable of capturing debris and dirt that typically can only be done using a broom and dustpan. It uses the V shape technology that collects larger debris into the core suction path, while the ends of it catches debris along baseboards and edges without any attachments required.

To remove mulish pet hair this great vacuum has specialized pet-hair picking tools. It comes with a lithium Ion exchangeable battery, which is capable of running 2X longer, along with fade free power.


Key Features:

Here are some unique features of the 81L2T from Bissel that make it an incredible option in your home :

  • Ability to capture debris in tight spaces and along edges with no broom or attachments required.
  • The V shape brings larger debris into the core suction path, while the V’s end catches little, fine debris
  • Cleans easily on low pile area rugs and around furniture legs.
  • Swivel head lets you clean easily around furniture legs.
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup helps making the cleaning work a breeze.





  • This vacuum unit has an exceptionally large amount of suction for its size.
  • The Bissel PowerEdge 81L2T has highly effective v-shaped front edge, which can pull the hair and dirt into the unit instead of pushing it around.
  • It effectively cleans under the cupboard edges, right up to the baseboards, collects hair around chair legs and from corners.
  • Emptying the vacuum unit is easy and simple, so it will not make a mess.
  • The absence of bristles
  • Preferable because it plugs in, and it can go forever.
  • It simply picks up anything and everything and litters without spitting at your feet;
  • It is great equipment for hard floors and it can make your rugs area look like new all the time.



  • The 81L2T pet hard floor vacuum unit is somewhat noisy and loud though some others consider it quieter.
  • The cord isn’t as long as a common carpet vacuum so that user will have to get used to it when maneuvering.
  • It fills up quick though you will get TONS of pet hair to collect using it since day 1 st of using.

Here is a breakdown of what owners are so impressed about with the 81L2T :

  • bissel 81l2t pet vacuumFantastic For Pet Hair because the unit gives superior suction for better pet hair and dirt pickup where no attachments are required, also the rubber lip can collect hair fast and efficiently
  • Advanced Suction Technology reflected on the V Shape directing bigger debris into the core suction path while the suction paths placed at the ends collect fine, small debris.
  • This vacuum is convenient and lightweight because it comes with lightweight design and swivel head allow easy cleans around furniture legs.


So what exactly do you get from BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T Pet Hard Floor Vacuum ?

You will be impressed by this light-weight vacuum unit because it is easy to maneuver it when vacuuming. Hair, dirt, toenail clippings all will be gone with no exception. You will not want to try another stick vacuum once you have it because it has great performance in overall. It will not clog up in seconds like other vacuums.

With this price range the PowerEdge 81L2T Pet Hard Floor Vacuum from BISSELL is certainly a worthy investment for your household.

The unit comes top rated and very recommended. Buyers that have chosen this hard floor vacuum are so satisfied with the flexibility and total performance and wish they had bought the unit even a long time ago.


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