Bissel Powerfresh 1940 Steam Mop – A Review

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Bissel powerfresh 1940 is a white steam mop from Bissel offering an intense cleaning with a fresh scent. This unique tool is specifically created to get deep down into the crevices and grout without ease. The product is fully featured including SmartSet Steam Control, which could allow you to adjust certain quantity of steam that you need to tackle messes.

Bissel powerfresh 1940 offers so many options that you can choose the low setting if you wish only doing light cleaning. Otherwise you can select medium setting for daily messes in your place or high setting for the hardest messes. When an extra boost is required to handle the dried-on sticky stains, you can just flip down the mop head’s easy scrubber. Immediately the scrubber’s bristles will move quickly and easily those hardened messes by getting down deep in the crevices.

The Key Features of Bissel powerfresh 1940

  • Both Easy Scrubber Flips that can reach down to crevices and grout.
  • A head with a low profile design to clean into edges and corners.
  • Removable water tank that can be filled easily at the sink.
  • A set of smart steam control allowing you to clean lightly those hard messes
  • Spring Breeze perfume discs insert enclosed in the pad of  Powerfresh 1940 mop pad for giving a fresh, clean aroma while steam mopping.
  • A 23′ power cord,
  • 2 different mop pads


What customers are saying?

Customers found that The Bissel Steam mop is quite simple to assembly. The handle can insert into the lower body of the mop just with a snap and will be secured only using a single screw. Most of these customers love the features of Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop allowing high maneuverable and ease of storage. Moreover, the cord is 23′, which is generous enough wrapping out of the way.[Read more customer reviews…]

Pros and Cons

Among the pros of Bissel powerfresh 1940 are:
bissel 1940The steam mop has an Easy scrubber that can reach down into crevices and grout well without ease. For light to heavy cleaning, the options are highly available using SmartSet steam control. Most importantly, the mop can Sanitize and kill nearly all of deadly bacteria. With microfiber mop pads as well as washable micro ban this machine is secure to use on various surfaces including stone, marble, ceramic, linoleum, vinyl, lamination, and sealed hardwood floors. In addition, the product offers two year limited warranty.

Among the cons of Bissel powerfresh 1940 are:

The steam of the mop is always on, the swivel joint is at the mop’s head, and the mop leaves the floor with some linear discoloration.


The Bissel powerfresh 1940 is a special steam mop that can really clean the floor well. It is very easy to use and is equipped with extremely useful features. You will love the scrub brush that comes with the mop and it can be flipped down with ease using your foot only to handle stuck on dirt. It is an ideal tool to clean, sanitize even those sealed hard-wood floors.


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