Bissel 94E9T Steam Mop – a Review

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Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium is a quick and easy-to-use tool for cleaning floors. Just by putting the pieces in the box, then you will be ready to mop with it without ease. What you need to prepare with is putting one of the two white mops available, place the water in the blue container, plug the unit and let it for30 seconds for warming up. That is all and the unit will immediately do the steam clean.

This Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium is really worth your money or not. The unit is light, while the steam comes out so easily and without taking too long, any type of your floor will be clean.

Features of Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium

  •  The 94E9T Select Titanium unit comes with a triangular head allowing users to get access to more area to clean within their home.
  • The machine has two very distinct triangle designed mop pads along with the Steam Mop Select. The soft pad is ideal for delicate flooring like laminates and hardwoods, while the other pad is perfect with built-in scrubbing strips for tough cleaning as well as stuck-on messes easy.
  • It provides you with the steam right exactly as you need it, at the floor.
  • It is equipped with a static steam manifold allowing its head to rotate around it to ensure that the powerful steam is always straightly towards the floor.
  • It comes with a great design to give users an easier, but more effective cleaning while saving them time so they can always get back to do what they like the most.


What customers are saying?

Most customers found that the unit is great for cleaning tiled floors. It is not only easy to use but also easy to assemble. Even for those who hate doing floors, this steam mop is a perfect way to help and ensure the floors are really clean.[Read more customer reviews…]

Pros and Cons

The pros of Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium:

Bissel 94E9T Steam Mop in actionThe steam mop indeed does a good job in cleaning any mess and dirt. Most admit that they never have any spot problems that cannot be solved using the steam mop. It is great that the unit has a triangle head so that it could reach and clean the corners really easily. The mop has covers that are machine washable and they work really well too. You can keep them pretty clean while you are washing by taking them off about halfway through the room to rinse them off in the sink.

The cons of Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium:

It is quite difficult to determine the drawback of Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium because with that affordable price you can get such a great cleaning tool for your house. If there is any complaints that will likely relate with the cord that is not long enough. Thus, when you do the cleaning, you will need to unplug the unit and move it to a different plug since the cord could not achieve the other end of the room. But that is the one and only complaint that you may find and the rest you will be extremely happy with this steam mop.


Overall, Bissel 94E9T Select Titanium is a great product. Many have decided to keep this cleaning product for a long time for their household simply because it is useful and safe for the environment and your purse.


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