Best Microfiber Mop Kits Reviews

best microfiber mop kitsCleaning a bare floor seems like an easy task, but certain dirt particles, pet hair and stain are hard to clean. Regular mop sometimes cannot clean the floor effectively unless you use force to mop the floor. The best microfiber mop kits are made of special materials that lift the smallest and most stubborn dust particles. Microfiber is a new technology applied in household mops to help you save time in cleaning, and also get better result.

Microfiber has more powerful lifting power for dust particles compared to regular mops, so you can do many cleaning tasks even with just warm water. This product is great to use in a house (especially with allergic occupants, kids and pets), nursing homes, hospitals, schools and anywhere where cleanliness is a must.

Recommended Products for The Best Microfiber Mop Kits


Simplee Clean

Simplee Cleen Industrial and Commercial 24 inch Microfiber MopThis brand has been famous among home owners as the maker of good products with great prices, and its microfiber mop is not an exception. Simplee Clean makes the best microfiber mop kits for both commercial and household uses. The mop kit is recommended not only for houses, but also for commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, cafeteria, nursing homes and anywhere where cross contamination is a big no.

The microfiber feature of the Simplee Clean mop is not only great to lift dust and stain clean, but also free the room from bacteria. Therefore, this is a great mop kit to use in hospital, kitchen and nursing homes. For your convenience, the mop kit also comes with a pair of microfiber pads, one for dry and one for wet cleaning. The pads are also washable so you can use them again and again. Here are the special features of the mop kit:

  • A pair of cleaning pads, for dry and wet cleaning. Both have Velcro for attaching the pads to the pole.
  • Aluminum pole with rubber, 24 inches long for better cleaning maneuvering.
  • Mop kit is made with commercial grade standard.


Starfiber Pro ScrubbyDoo

Starfiber Pro Microfiber Mop ScrubbyDooStarfiber ScrubbyDoo is the best microfiber mop kits because it has everything; four types of cleaning pads, ability to clean only with water or vinegar solution, ability to remove bacteria and germs, and washable pads that make the mop eco friendly and having economical value. Starfiber has been famous as microfiber mop brand that has wonderful cleaning action, which can help homeowners cleaning up even with just water.

However, the powerful cleaning action of this mop kit is not only usable at home. Starfiber Pro ScrubbyDoo is also a great mop to use at hospital, restaurant, nursing homes, schools, cafeteria and other commercial places, which require good cleanliness standard. With this mop kit, you will get better cleaning result. Here are the special features:

  • Ability to clean with just water or lime/vinegar solution in water, making the mop environmentally friendly.
  • Four washable pads for different cleaning types: two for wet cleaning and two for dust rubbing.
  • Telescopic pole with swiveling head (10 inches) for more flexible maneuvering when cleaning, and also with quick release action.
  • Great cleaning action but safe for all types of floor.
  • Removing 99% of germs, dust and bacteria with easy cleaning action.


O Cedar Professional (Dual Action)

O-Cedar Professional Dual-Action MicrofiberO Cedar Professional is the best microfiber mop kits for those who want more practical mop kit in their household arsenals. If you find yourself often in need of both wet and dry cleaning pads at the same time, this product is your solution. O Cedar Professional has unique, reversible cleaning pads for dry and wet cleaning, so you can just flip the cleaning pad if you need to dry the floor after doing wet cleaning.

Since this is a microfiber pad, you can just use water or vinegar solution to clean your floor and the result will be as great as if you use chemical cleaning products. You can also use the mop to clean all types of floor from hardwood to vinyl and laminate floor, all with similar ease and practicality. Here are some great features of this product:

  • Reversible and washable cleaning pad for both wet and dry cleaning actions.
  • Microfiber material for better cleaning action even without chemical cleaning products.
  • Able to lift dirt, dust, pet hair and stain with just water or vinegar solution.
  • Able to clean all types of floors from hardwood to vinyl.


Commercial and Janitorial Microfiber Mop

Commercial and Janitorial 36 inch  Microfiber MopFinally, if you have job of cleaning commercial or public places, you know that there is big responsibility to keep the place clean and bacteria-free. This Commercial and Janitorial Microfiber Mop is the best microfiber mop kits for places such as school, cafeteria, restaurant, laboratory and hospital. This is a product that is both practical and effective, and you really need to buy this to clean commercial or public places.

The mop kit itself is very convenient and practical, with double pads for different cleaning purposes and floor types. Plus, the structure is strong and complete with long pole for more convenient cleaning. The microfiber pads help you getting rid of dirt, bacteria, germ and stain without using dangerous chemical products. Here are the features of the product:

  • Long handle pole, extended to 70 inches in length with swiveling head.
  • Double pads; one for dry cleaning and one for wet cleaning.
  • Microfiber material for better cleaning on any types of bare floors, from wood to vinyl.
  • Ability to kill bacteria and germ even without chemical products.
  • Washable pads and environmentally friendly products.


Conclusion of The Microfiber Mop Kits

Basically, microfiber is a great innovation for mop kit products, which gives better cleaning action than regular mops. However, when it comes to best microfiber mop kits, the options must be adjusted with your needs. Do you need the mop for household cleaning or commercial purposes? SimpleCleen, for example, is a popular product among homeowners, but this product has also found its way into commercial purposes. O Cedar Professional is practical with its reversible mop pads, but it does not come with other pad supply, so maybe this is great for household cleaning. Starfiber is a great brand to use in both house and commercial buildings, especially with its four different cleaning pads.

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