Best Whole House Air Purifier for You

best whole house air purifier reviewsTo live in healthy environment is challenging because, for example, it can be hard to know what’s in your air, since to the human eye many airborne particles are not visible. When it comes to best whole house air purifier, big sized units with designs that are normally more industrial than consumer oriented often come to mind. This wil not be the same again if you look for better options discussed here.

For those with asthma and allergies, the best whole house air purifier with good shape and certification as air-cleaning products that have scientifically proven their role to the objectives of allergen reduction is available.

Best Whole House Air Purifier – What are the Options?


Aprilaire 5000 Whole House Air Purifier, Premium Electronic Air Cleaner

Aprilaire 5000 Whole House Air Purifier, Premium Electronic Air CleanerBest whole house air purifier is Aprilaire 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner , which can be installed as part of your HVAC system with the help of an HVAC professional. This unit is capable of removal up to 98% of germs, airborne allergens and smoke particles. The air purifier can operate independently or along with your HVAC system to clean your air whenever you wish. It comes with air Cleaner Control allowing you to set 4 air-cleaning modes and to utilize filter replacement reminder.

This Aprilaire is for those trying to leap into the digital era with an electronic air cleaner. The unit is the best option if you wish big results, less power usage and a cleaning system that will last for longer years. The unit passes air through a control electrode and then concentrates and amplifies an electrical field produced by ionizing wires to trammel and remove any dust or irritants in your air space. This method for air purification is proven to be very effective. No wonder, the Aprilaire 5000 is one of the best air purifier with at least 94 effective at getting rid of bacteria or germs as smallas .35 microns.


Honeywell F300E1027 Electronic Whole House Air Cleaner

Honeywell F300E1027 Electronic Whole House Air CleanerHoneywell  F300E1027  is another best whole house air purifier  in our list.  This unit is capable of removing airborne contaminants such as mold, smoke and dust in or light commercial or residential forced-air heating and cooling systems. It is also capable of capturing up to 98% of particles as tiny as 3 to 10 microns. It is equipped with outstanding features including Air Flow 1400 CFM, Test button checks system operation.,Wireless indicator alerts, Duct Height 20 In, Duct Width 20 In, Blue, UL Listed, Includes Postfilter, Pressure Drop 0.26 In of Water, Duct Mount, Voltage 120, 60 Hz, 0.4 Amps AC, ideal dimension of Height 20 3/16 In, Width 20 1/2 In and Depth 6 3/4 In. The Electronic Air Cleaner is wonderful at trapping and removing a plenty of the dust and smoke out of the air.

According to most customers Honeywell Electronic F300E1027 Whole House Air Cleaner is a great unit with electronic air filter. Only after several days of operation users can easily notice a big difference in the dust accumulation on every corner and surface in their house. Although sometimes the machine makes such popping noises like a bug zapper, but after sometimes users can get used to it after a while.


Rocky Mountain Whole House/Office Air Purifier

ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHOLE HOUSE OFFICE AIR PURIFIERRocky Mountain Air Purifier is the third best whole house air purifier in our recommendation . This is a newly designed unit, which is ozone-free with 5-year warranty and low priced that everyone need to maintain clean and fresh air in their home and office without burdening your wallet or bringing pollutant (ozone) that can harm the environment. Those suffering from allergies, asthma, virus or bacteria infections or annoyed by dust and odors, now is time to get rid from all of them with The Rocky Mountain unit that is equipped with dust, debris and dirt pre-filter. It comes with hospital-grade washable HEPA filter capable of 99.3% filtration rate.

Many customers highly recommend Rocky Mountain purifier simply because it works in capturing microorganisms, mold, bacteria, and viruses with sizes below 0.3 microscopic particles. It is even capable of UV2 ultraviolet sterilization resembling the properties of sun’s sanitazion. It can produce artificial UV energy, it has been demonstrated to have 1,600 times effectiveness than the common sterilization effect of the sun for eradicating bacteria, viruses mold spores as well as other pathogens and airborne antigens. The unit is truly an excellent product with excelent service that will make all customers happy


Best Whole House Air Purifier – The Verdict

Highly recommended, best whole house air purifier are the Aprilaire 5000 , the Honeywell F300E1027  and the Rocky Mountain purifier for whole house/ office for you. All of these units are the best options to make a big difference in terms of air quality of house and office. They are all easy to setup and work without emitting ozone or particular odor that most purifiers expose. Thus it will be a great support for anyone with allergy prone family members.

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