Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet Review

Berber carpet is beautiful, but it is also hard to clean without the right vacuum cleaner, because the surface is full of bumps and loops thanks to the intricate patterns. The best vacuum for berber carpet does not have spinning brush, which can potentially ruin the unique loops and leave traces, and it also has setting for low pile cleaner so as not to ruin the delicate surface. If you use the wrong vacuum, the machine will pull strands from the intricate loops and patterns, ruining the surface.

However, at the same time, vacuum for berber carpet must also have enough power to suck dirt trapped between those loops and strands. This is because the loops also make dirt trapped more easily, and if the vacuum is not powerful enough at the low pile setting, it will not clean the careful in maximum way.

There are several good vacuums for berber carpet; some are upright models and some are canister models. Let’s review each the best vacuum for berber carpet available here.

Editor’s Choice of The Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet


Miele S8590 Alize Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele S8590 Alize Canister Vacuum Cleanerprice

Miele S8590 has been regarded as one of the best vacuum cleaners for berber carpet from the canister model, even better than the similarly famous brands such as Dyson and Eureka. While Dyson has spinning brush that will ruin the carpet surface, Eureka does not have good suction power at the low pile setting to properly suck the dirt from Berber carpet. Miele S8590 does both: cleaning the carpet and keeping the delicate surface of berber carpet at the same time.

As the best vacuum for berber carpet from canister family, Miele S8590 also has good features to trap dirt and dust that has been sucked, making the air cleaner and keeping dust from returning to the carpet surface. Here are special features of this canister vacuum:

  • Automatic adjustment for suction levels, which helps you adjusting the power of suction automatically whenever the brush touches different surface.
  • Non spinning brush to help keeping the surface of berber carpet.
  • Air Clean Sealed System for the filter bag, which helps you containing most dust and allergens from returning to the air.
  • Dynamic Drive wheel system that makes the vacuum easy to maneuver on the top of berber carpet.


Hoover Wind Tunnel UH30300

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Upright Vacuum, Bagged, UH30300price

The best vacuum cleaner for berber carpet from the T model family is Hoover Wind Tunnel UH30300. Besides its lightweight model and ergonomic shape, the vacuum is really powerful even at the low setting, making it a great vacuum to suck dirt from uneven surface like berber carpet without pulling its strands. It also has smart brush system that can adjust between cleaning the carpet and floor surface, so you do not have to do it manually. Plus, it has feature that helps keeping the dirt from being embedded, so there will be no dirt particles left and scattered on the carpet.

Here are special features of Hoover UH30300:

  •  5 options for carpet height plus power adjustments, making the tool really great for switching between floor, regular carpet and Berber carpet.
  • Wind Tunnel technology plus indicator for the dirt bag, which can prevent scatter on the carpet when you do particularly heavy cleaning.
  • Extra extension wand (8 feet) for better reach to difficult area.
  • Practical bag door release with one touch system, which makes it easier to remove dirt bag.
  • HEPA filters that can contain most dust, dirt and allergen in the bag after being sucked, so they will not fly back into the air.


Eureka Easy Clean II

Eureka Easy Clean 2price

Another best vacuum for berber carpet in lightweight, stick shape, Eureka Easy Clean II cleans with low power to prevent pulling the strands of berber carpet, but good enough power to suck the dirt out of the loops. The vacuum can be turned into lightweight vacuum if you need it, so this is great for a small house with minimum need of cleaning or if you only have one small berber carpet. It is also quite and the filter cup can be washed by hand.

Special features of this vacuum are:

  • Non bag model; it uses dust cup instead, which can be washed by hand on the sink.
  • Super light and ergonomic vacuum; it only weighs 4 pounds and can be stored in standing position even in your closet.
  • Long, 15 feet cord, which makes it easy to clean the entire surface of carpet without using extension cord.
  • Easy adjustment between roll brush and non roll brush; when you want to clean the berber carpet, choose the non roll brush to prevent damaging the carpet. The adjustment tool can be switched by hand.
  • Crevice tool is available, unlike its other siblings.


Electrolux Ergospace EL 4101A

Electrolux Ergospace EL 4101Aprice

Electrolux also has its own line of the best vacuum for berber carpet. Electrolux Ergospace EL 4101A provides enough power to clean floor and Berber carpet, which is a low pile carpet type, with green technology that makes this vacuum perfect for all who love green technology at home. Besides good power to suck dirt from Berber carpet without ruining the strands, EL 4101A also has recycled material for its canister and multi tools for better cleaning. The combination between green technology and practicality makes the vacuum really great for all Berber lovers.

Here are some special features of this green, Berber carpet vacuum:

  • Cleaning tool and power for floor and low pile carpet, perfect to prevent ruined Berber carpet.
  • Recycled plastic for its body and canister materials.
  • 21 feet cord with automatic rewind system for easier coverage on particularly wide carpet.
  • Easy to reach suction adjustment handle near your fingers
  • HEPA filter to help reducing the amount of dust and allergen fly back into the air after you suck them, which is great for allergic people in the house.


Conclusion of The Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

The best vacuum for berber carpet must have low yet powerful suction to keep the strand in good condition. Canister families such as EL 4101A and Miele have enough power to suck dirt from uneven loops without ruining the strands. Meanwhile, while Easy Clean II and Hoover Wind Tunnel may be light enough for berber carpet, sometimes they do not deliver the power you need for heavy berber carpet cleaning.

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