Best Sweeper For Hardwood Floors – Manual Cleaning

best sweeper for hardwood floorCleaning the hardwood floor using manual broom seems like an easy task, but not really. Many people struggle with bad broom that does not sweep the floor perfectly and still leaves dirt lines on the floor, and not to mention loose broom strands. Best sweeper for hardwood floors removes all the impractical aspects of a traditional broom and replaces them with state of the art technology for such simple household tool.

With ergonomic model, multiple brush models and overall easy maneuvering on hardwood floors, these sweepers are great tools to have at home for cleaning your hardwood floor in one go. Your daily hardwood cleaning task has never been this easier. For a more powerful equipment,  you can read the article about hardwood floor vacuum cleaner in this website.


Editor’s Choice – Best Sweeper For Hardwood Floor

Oreck Restaurateur

Oreck Restaurateurprice

This is a great cleaning tool to have at home or public establishments that use hardwood floor, but this cleaner works surprisingly good on carpeted floor, too. Oreck Restaurateur provides practical yet very useful features to clean various types of bare floors, and it helps cleaning the beautiful yet delicate hardwood floors so they will not be dented or bumped. The sweeper is particularly a favorite among users who clean house, residential buildings and small café or other commercial buildings with small size.

Here are some special features of Oreck Restaurateur:

  • Quick cleaning action that picks up all the dirt, dust and small particles on both carpet and hardwood floor.
  • Ability to lift small crumbs and pet hair, making it perfect for a house and residential buildings.
  • Very ergonomic and lightweight model to help with easier cleaning tasks.
  • Low profile brush head so you can sweep on difficult areas such as under the table or furniture.
  • Perfect for pet owners because it can also pick up cat litters and dirt particles brought inside by a dog.
  • Reachable, easy to open dust bin which you can open by foot, to make dirt and dust storage easier before you throw them away.


Bissell 2402 Sturdy Sweeper


Bissell is among the best sweeper for hardwood floors and loved especially by home owners. Bissell 2402 Sturdy Sweeper is not only able to clean hardwood floors, but also other types of bare floors and low pile carpet. The best thing about its cleaning mechanism is the double cleaning directions, which are able to pick up every dirt particle and dust by forward and backward motion. This really saves the time of cleaning. Meanwhile, the multi brush adjustments with 4 edges make the sweeper suitable for various cleaning tasks.

Here are specifications of Bissell 2402:

  • Double sweeping motions (front and back) for easier and more efficient cleaning task.
  • 4 edge system of the cleaning brush to make cleaning task easier.
  • Ergonomic grip with non slippery handle for better maneuvering and controlling of the sweeper.
  • Able to pick up small crumbs, pet hair, litters from litter box and lint.
  • Ergonomic, low profile brushing area for easier cleaning on difficult spots such as under the furniture or table.
  • Easy to open dust bin.
  • Strong construction with steel shaft.


Bissell Natural Sweep 92NOA


As the best sweeper for hardwood floors produced by Bissell, the Bissell Natural Sweep 92NOA provides not only great cleaning action and ergonomic shape, but also more environmentally friendly quality thanks to its totally recycled material. This sweeper is particularly great for small living environment thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic model, and there is no electricity required. The sweeper also has double brush models to make sure that you can sweep all kinds of dirt, dust and small particles on the hardwood floor without leaving scratches or dents.

The special features of this environmentally friendly sweeper are:

  •  Sweeper material that is made of recycled plastic.
  • Multiple small brushes on all edges of the cleaner pad to prevent dust and dirt from scattered when you are sweeping.
  • Double brush models to capture big and small particles, such as bread crumbs, lint, pet hair, dust, dirt and other household dirt particles.
  • Rotating brush model to help you cleaning with back and forth movements, which is way more comfortable than regular broom.
  • Metal handle and rubber cover for the grip, so you feel comfortable when doing cleaning up task.


Rubbermaid Commercial 421288BK


Rubbermaid Commercial 421288BK is the best sweeper for hardwood floors from the Rubbermaid family. Combining good structure with great cleaning action and easy sweeping task, the sweeper provides you with optimal cleaning action for even the most difficult spots. Also, this sweeper can work double as hardwood floor and carpet cleaner, so you can save time for light cleaning up. The sweeper is also able to wipe and lift small and rather large debris, so you can save even more time when cleaning up.

Special features of Rubbermaid Commercial are:

  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip and folded part so you can reach under difficult spots even easier.
  • Double cleaning options for floor and low pile carpet to save time when doing whole house cleaning.
  • Accessible dust pan to help you cleaning the debris easily from the sweeper.
  • Materials are combination between galvanized steel and high quality ABS plastic for better construction quality.
  • Brush is made of boar bristles, effective in cleaning up from both carpet and smooth floor surfaces without a fuss. Even pet’s hair, litter and lint are lifted easier with these bristles.


Conclusion of The Best Sweeper For Hardwood Floors

So, which sweeper you should choose for your hardwood floors? It depends on what you need from the best sweeper for hardwood floors. For example, both Oreck and Bissell Sturdy Sweeper have really great cleaning abilities for small room cleaning, and the Bissell one even has back and forth cleaning actions so you can clean in both ways. Bissell Natural Sweep also offers great cleaning action as Bissell Sturdy Sweeper, but it is made of recycled material for green living. Rubbermaid also has double cleaning actions with back and forth movements, but this sweeper can actually work on smooth floor and carpet, so you can clean up fast and more efficiently.

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