Guide to Buy the Best Steam Carpet Cleaner

Best Steam Carpet Cleaner MachineBest steam carpet cleaner is a must if you have a lot of carpeted area at home, especially if you also have kids or pets around. Unlike hard floors, stains on a carpet do not just go away once you wipe it. If you do not order expensive carpet cleaner, you will not get a good cleaning result. To eliminate the need of expensive carpet cleaner, you can just buy steam carpet cleaner. This tool looks like a vacuum cleaner and works like regular steam cleaner; using hot steam to help washing the carpet effectively as well as drying and grooming it on the go.

Modern steam cleaners can be pushed by hand around the house and come with various cleaning accessories for more versatility. Here are some good and highly recommended steam carpet cleaners to use around the house or flat, which are surely cheaper than special carpet cleaner.

Four Recommendations of The Best Steam Carpet Cleaner

1. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner

Buy Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet CleanerHoover Max Extract, especially the Dual V series, has a combination between cleaning and suctioning functions; first it cleans and dries, then it sucks the debris in the cleaning path, leaving the carpet clean and spotless. Its direct heat system effectively cleans and dries everything from dry crumbs to water spill, and it is powered by 12 amp motor. Hoover Max Extract is praised for its practical design. For example, the control switch is located near the handle, so you can just use your thumb to control heat spray and rotating brush speed (which comes in three speed modes from gentle to powerful brush).

Unlike most similar products, Hoover Max Extract Dual V does not just use five brushes, but six to maximize the cleaning action. Plus, you also get more cleaning accessories for wider cleaning tasks such as a hose, tool to clean upholstery and furniture, and powered hand brush for more difficult spots that you need to reach by hand. Plus, you can just fill it with water and detergent, and the cleaner will self adjust the necessary amount for every cleaning task. To make job easier, this steam carpet cleaner is easy to clean, wash and refill.

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2. Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900

Buy Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900Another Hoover steam carpet cleaner products that do deep cleaning effectively is Hoover Steam Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge. Unlike the Dual V, this carpet cleaner only has five brushes, but it has special tools to do deeper cleaning task, including cleaning wet stain that is the nightmare of all carpet owners. Besides powerful 12 amp motor and five brushes, Hoover Clean Surge can burst extra amount of water and detergent solution for thicker stain (hence the name), which you control by control button located conveniently near the handle.

To help with the deep cleaning, there is forced heated air system for quicker cleaning and drying. Also, there are two water tank systems in the carpet cleaner that separates between clean and dirty water so you can easily empty and clean the tank without creating a mess. There are extra cleaning tools for more tasks such as upholstery and furniture cleaner, and powered hand tool for more difficult cleaning on stairs and corners. With this steam carpet cleaner, you can really cut the time from the beginning to end (when the carpet is cleaned and dried). This is good if you do not want to spend much time in cleaning.

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3. Bissell Big Green Clean Machine Carpet Cleaner 86T3

View Details BISSELL Big Green 86T3Powerful carpet steam cleaner can pick up dirt and wash thick stain as well as grooming the carpet on the go, but for heavier cleaning tasks, you are required to constantly changing the water and detergent solution. It is irritating to be running out of water when you are in the middle of cleaning. Therefore, you need a carpet steam cleaner with bigger capacity and water indication, like in Bissell. The Big Green Clean series of Bissell is the best steam carpet cleaner that is good for you who have wide carpeted area or often do heavy cleaning. This also cleans and grooms carpet more effectively, because this is actually a professional grade carpet cleaner.

It is of course heavy, but it does good job in cleaning all materials off the carpet easily, including delicate pet’s hair and deeply embedded dirt. The tanks also have dual system for both dirty and clean water for easier water removal after you are done. The indicator tells you if you are almost running out of the water, so you can prepare. With long hose, powerful brushes and long cord, the Big Green Clean is definitely a good cleaner for heavy duty tasks.

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4. BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Upright Deep Cleaner, 66Q4

View Detail BISSELL ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Upright Deep Cleaner, 66Q4Finally, for a really smart carpet cleaner, there is another Bissell product: the Pro Heat 2X. This is a professional grade carpet cleaner that has large capacity water tank with dual systems, 12 amp motor and water capacity indicator like the Big Green Clean, but it has extra features for more cleaning options. For example, you can choose not using the heat if your carpet is made of delicate materials such as wool or Oriental rug. There are five cleaning options from light cleaning to heavy cleaning and even rinse, so you have more freedom in applying the most appropriate cleaning methods on different surfaces.

The 1 gallon water tank gives you longer performance, so you can easily do long and heavy duty cleaning. There is a plus side for healthier home, which is a cleaning solution called Microban that eliminates germs, perfect for houses with kids, many pets, or resided by allergic or asthmatic occupants. There are also extra features such as stain tool, upholstery and furniture brush, spraying tool for crevices, stair cleaning tool and mesh bag. Again, this is heavy, but Pro Heat 2 X from Bissell really delivers good result for heavy duty carpet cleaning tasks.

Conclusion of The Best Steam Carpet Cleaner

So, what are your choices? All of these carpet steam cleaners are really good in both light and heavy duty cleaning tasks, but each has its own characteristics. Hoover products are lightweight and easy to handle, and they are very powerful for their sizes. However, there are times when really heavy stain still leaves mark, and you are at risk of ruining delicate carpet materials with hot steam. Bissell is a professional grade brand and usually heavy and bulky. However, this is good for really heavy cleaning tasks. One of the above devices will be able to meet your needs for the best steam carpet cleaner.

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