The Best Mop for Tile Floors at Every House

Best Mop for Tile FloorsBest mop for tile floors must be able to clean both dry and wet materials off the tiled floor quickly, but without leaving a single grease, stain or crumbs after that quick cleaning. Moreover, since there are various types of tiles, the mop should be able to do deep cleaning without leaving scratches. As an advancement of the old school mop that requires a lot of scrubbing and repeated wringing (and still does not make the floor clean, especially if the condition is very dirty), new mop products are now equipped with soft microfiber technology that helps cleaning out the floor until the last particles.

Microfiber also cleans both wet and dry materials in more effective way, saving you from buying two mops to use at home. Here are some of the best mops to choose if you want to keep your precious tile floors clean without doing hard work.

Four Recommendations of The Best Mop For Tile Floors :

1. Starfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning Kit

buy Starfiber StarMop Wet Dry Microfiber Cleaning KitStarfiber is obviously the star because it is the first microfiber mop in the US, and its Star Mop product is a great mop for house owners that have strong tendency toward green lifestyle. The main feature of Star Mop is that the really soft microfiber strands that really can lift up both dry and wet dirt, even without cleaning agent (you can even use this mop as a multi-purpose cleaning tool, replacing broom). Therefore, you can eliminate the use of chemical agent and just use water to clean tile floor, or maybe just mix the water with a little bit of completely harmless, common vinegar.

The fiber really acts as a dirt-grabbing instead of just pushing it everywhere like any other less efficient products. The pole is long enough to make mopping comfortable (33 to 59 inch). To clean the pad, you can just take it off the pole, rinse it well and hung it dry like how you treat regular clothes. The mop also comes with different pads for various cleaning tasks; there are scrubbing, dusting and polishing pads. Since it is a heavy duty mop, it is very helpful in a house full of pets or kids.

2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit, FG1M1600GRYRD

buy Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit, FG1M1600GRYRDAnother great heavy duty, microfiber mop is Rubbermaid, specifically the Reveal mop with Spray Mop Kit. This mop also cleans floor in more efficient way than traditional mop and without scratching the tile, but this mop has extra attached feature for more accessible cleaning solution. While Starfiber still requires you to get your water or cleaning solution somewhere during the work, Rubbermaid Reveal solves the problem by giving a refill solution bottle attached to the pole, so you can just reach and take the cleaning water or solution whenever you need. Although you can clean just by water, Rubbermaid Reveal still works best with a bit of dissolved cleaning agent in the water.

The pad is washable and can be washed 100 times and it is also thick so you do not have to wash it often. However, if you often do heavy cleaning, you are suggested to wash the pad regularly to prevent dirt build up. Rubbermaid Reveal can also dry the floor while you are cleaning it, so there is no second task for you. The mop kit comes with extra pad and bottle, so you can have complete and effective mop kit supply for a long time.

3. MopAway Dry/Wet Microfiber Super Absorbent Floor Mop with Bucket

Buy MopAway Dry Wet Microfiber Super Absorbent Floor Mop with BucketHowever, for really heavy duty mopping tasks, some of you may still need mop with bucket. MopAway comes with a combo of mop and bucket that is really different from regular mop combo; the one that makes your hand dirty and requires you to wring the mop cloth every time. Still with microfiber strands that make the mop very powerful as a dirt-grabbing, MopAway presents a useful feature inside the bucket that helps you wringing the mop by spinning action, controlled only by your foot. No more wringing the dirty and wet mop cloth with your hands every time you need to get rid of excess water; just put the mop in the bucket, spin it with the foot pump and you are set.

Plus, the foot pump speed can be controlled, so you can determine the amount of solution you want on the mop strands. The good thing about MopAway strands is that they clean your tile floor effectively but with really minimum risk of scratching. This is a great mop and bucket combo to use on both dry and wet tile floors, and especially good for cleaning the toilets and floors on public facilities without dirtying your hands.

4. Twist and Shout Mop – Award Winning Newest Version Spin Mop Driven By Hand Push

Buy Twist and Shout Mop - Award Winning Newest Version Spin Mop Driven By Hand PushFinally, for the more advanced version of mop and bucket combo, there is Twist and Shout. This mop has microfiber strands like other abovementioned mops, but the mop kit has special spinning feature inside the bucket that helps you wringing the wet mop without using your hands, or even using the foot pedal (as the pedal can also cause leakage or easily break). Using self wringing technology, you can wring the mop just by putting it inside the small wringing basket and push the mop handle slightly. This means shorter time in mopping, no bending down and risk of lost balance when you are trying to push the handle with one foot.

This original invention even won first places on two international level invention awards in 2011, so there is no reason to not trying this product. Other useful features include swivel joint on the handle base to help you cleaning difficult places under furniture easily, and no refill pads or solution agents that can help you save money and the environment. You can just use water to clean tile floors and every inch of them will look squeaky clean. This is a perfect product for houses with pets or kids.

Conclusion of The Best Mop for Tile Floors

Microfiber mop is the only good option for modern house, but not all microfiber mops have good cleaning action and features to support cleaning on tile floors. These microfiber mops have powerful dirt-grabbing action and environmentally friendly mop (can clean without chemical cleaning agents), but each has its own characteristics. There are mops without bucket, and others with bucket for dry and wet cleaning functions. There is a mop-bucket combo that needs foot pedal for wringing the mop, and there is another that only needs gentle push. All products above are great choices for the best mop for tile floors.

best mop for tile floors

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