Best Liquid Wax For Hardwood Floors

best liquid wax for hardwood floorsHardwood floors are beautiful and have unique look, but they are also quite demanding. Since hardwood floors are made of natural wood and can be dull after a couple of months, they need constant polish using wax products so the shine is kept intact. The best liquid wax for hardwood floors is the one that can keep the shine and glossy look of any hardwood floor forever with regular application every several months.

No matter how long you have your hardwood floor, its surface will be kept shiny and glossy by the right wax product for hardwood floors. Liquid wax products now come in various brands and types, but which one is the best for you? Make sure you get the best reviews of these liquid wax products to consider your options well.


Recommended Products for The Best Liquid Wax For Hardwood Floors


Bonakemi WP5 10051002 – Hardwood Floor Polish High Gloss

BonaKemi WP510051002 imageBonakemi is one of the most popular floor cleaning and maintenance products, and its best liquid wax for hardwood floors is Bonakemi WP5 10051002. The wax liquid is designed to create glossy look on hardwood floor, and the ingredients are made specifically so any species of hardwood will go back to its original luster after being treated with this liquid wax product.

Besides the super glossy result, Bonakemi WP5 also has special formula that is non toxic, so it is safe to clean a family house floor. Plus, the formula is environmentally friendly, and will not leave any waxy residue on the floor. Once you apply the wax on your floor, it will look very glossy and shiny for several months, even if the floor has seen better days. Here are great features of the liquid wax:

  • Special formula that is made for various species of hardwood, leaving no marks and stains on the hardwood floor even after intensive using.
  • Greenguard certificate with non toxic formula that will not poison the occupants and is safe to be washed off.
  • No-waxy residue formula to help making the floor shiny without being sticky.
  • Glossy result from urethane formula.


Minwax 609504444 High-Gloss Hardwood Floor Reviver

Minwax The 609504444 Quart High-Gloss Hardwood Floor ReviverMinwax is also the best liquid wax for hardwood floors, designed to bring back the luster of old hardwood floor (but cannot work on heavily damaged floor). If your hardwood floor is worn out and old, lack of luster, this wax product will make it shiny again. The wax is also good for hardwood floor that has been slightly scratched or dull, and it will make the floor look new again.Minwax main ingredient is polyurethane, which is famous for its ability to restore dull appearance of old hardwood floor. Apply this regularly and you will get always shiny floor, thanks to its special features such as:

  • One coat style application; practical and easy to use, only one layer coat and you are done.
  • Polyurethane as ingredient, great to restore dull appearance, small scratches and lack of luster.
  • No waxy buildup, quick dry formula and easy to clean water based ingredients.
  • Glossy and shiny final look.
  • Special formula to make it suitable for hardwood floor, including unpolished wood floor.
  • Durable protective layer, better than regular polish product.


Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

Howard FW0016Howard FW0016 is the best liquid wax for hardwood floors to buy if you are all about natural ingredients for your hardwood floor wax. The wax contains natural ingredients that are found in plants and animal nest, such as bees wax and wax from Brazilian Carnauba plant, and of course natural oil from the tree. These ingredients are powerful to clean hardwood floor without ruining it. The product is also designed for finished and unfinished wood floor.

Howard FW0016 is famous because of its natural ingredients, which do not give excessive luster but still provides polished and look. Also, this is also good to further enhance the old and dull look of the floor, especially if there are noises.
Special features that appear on these products include:

• Natural oil and bees wax to prevent hardwood floor from chipped and being dull for a long time.
• Special ingredients to make the non-polished hardwood floor smooth, polished and looking great.
• Special ingredients to be used on wood, which can also be used on wooden parts of furniture.
• Special slight glossy and luster as the result, makes the floor really looks charming together.
• Special ingredients consist of ability to restore small scratches and marks.


SC Johsnson One Step Wood Wax

Sc Johnson 00125 22oz Johnson Wood WaxAnother great product of Johnson, SC Johnson One Step is the best liquid wax for hardwood floors if you have relatively old floor that needs to be restored. The wax has smooth and glossy finish that makes old hardwood floor look new, and the ingredients do not create waxy buildup that is often present on other products. The formula does not contain any watery ingredients, and there will be no buff or waxy residue. The formula is designed so the new application will lift the old one and then act as a sealant, creating protective layer for the floor and reducing damage. Your old hardwood floor will surely look fresh and beautiful again. Special features of the product include:

• Special wax formula that can immediately lift dirt, dust and even everlasting heel marks from the surface.
• Anti buildup formula; every application will lift the old layer.
• No waxy buildup, grease or stain and no buff.
• Smooth, satin like and glossy finish.
• Sealant function; the new application will immediately protect your floor from scratches and marks.

Conclusion of The Best Liquid Wax For Hardwood Floors

So, which one is the best liquid wax for hardwood floors? Basically, all products here do good jobs in protecting the hardwood floor and creating beautiful, glossy finish. The wax is also good to improve the look of old hardwood floor so it will look new again. However, some of the products can also be used on other furniture that has wooden surface, while others can only be used on floor.

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