Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs Reviews

best handheld vacuum for stairsVacuum cleaner is now made of more detailed features, especially for different types of house features. Cleaning up on the stair, for example, is different from cleaning up flat floor surface. Since a stair has a lot of angles and narrow surfaces, you need handheld vacuum cleaner for better cleaning. The best handheld vacuum for stairs these days has many great features for a clean house: has no bag, has good filter, can suck fine materials and easy to discard and wash.

Bag-less vacuum cleaner makes dirt discarding easier, and good suction system makes it easier for allergic or asthmatic people to clean up. Handheld vacuum cleaner can also be used as a regular floor vacuum cleaner, so you can get two benefits in one product. With filter and powerful suction to suck even fine dust and pet hair, many great handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs can really make your daily life easier.

Recommended Products for The Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

Eureka Rapid Clean

Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld CordedEureka Rapid Clean is a great handheld vacuum for both carpeted and bare stairs, with every modern feature available for a practical vacuum in a modern house. The vacuum has quite powerful suction that can even suck fine pet hair and smooth particles, making the house safer for allergic people and asthma sufferers. There are two types of roll brush that you can switch easily to clean either carpeted or bare stairs, simply with one click with your thumb.

The vacuum itself has no bag, but it has transparent dirt cup and great filtering system to help with better cleaning and less allergen spread. The dirt cup and filter are washable and you can store the vacuum easily in your closet or under the bed. Here are special features of Eureka Rapid Clean:

  • Easily reached brush switch to change between carpeted stair brush and bare stair brush for optimum result.
  • 25 feet cord with smooth wheels for easier access.
  • Bag-less vacuum with washable dirt cup and filter.
  • Extra crevice tool to clean difficult angles.
  • Powerful suction with 6 amp motor power; able to suck even fine dust and pet hair.


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Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030

Hoover Platinum LINX Pet CordlessHoover Platinum is the best handheld vacuum for stairs if you have many pets at home and have problems with super fine yet stubborn pet hair. The vacuum has everything; maneuverability, lightweight vacuum, various brush tools, pet hair cleaning ability and bag-less feature with washable dirt cup. The features are especially good if you must often clean stairs or anything that has odd and many angles.

This is a great handheld vacuum to have if you own pets such as cats or dogs, especially if they have fine hair, long hair or are more than one. Pet hair can be so stubborn to clean even with large vacuum cleaner, because it is very fine and smooth, and easily stick to various surfaces. Here are other special features of Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030:

  • Rotating brush with nozzle that pivots to 25 degrees angle for better maneuvering.
  • Powerful, interchangeable Lithium batteries for flexibility and long cleaning job.
  • Options for pet brush and special upholstery tool to help with more delicate cleaning.
  • Able to clean carpeted and bare stairs.
  • Bag-less dirt cup and washable filter; practical and great for allergic people at home.


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Black & Decker CHV1410L

Black & Decker CHV1410LBlack & Decker has been known for its household products, and CHV1410L is just one. This is the best handheld vacuum for stairs if you value flexibility, environmentally friendly technology and practicality. This handheld vacuum has every tool you need: for cleaning on odd and unreachable places, using less energy than you usually need, and with great cleaning action for cleaner and fresher house.

Black & Decker CHV1410L has several tools such as rotating nozzle, upholstery brush, washable dirt cup and filter and smart energy system so you can save electricity. This is a great tool to keep your floor, furniture and especially stairs clean. Here are special features of this handheld vacuum:

  • Ingenious charging technology to help you saving more electricity when charging this vacuum.
  • Wide nozzle to help sucking up large debris and cleaning wider area.
  • Rotating nozzle for more flexibility especially when cleaning odd angles.
  • Practical accessory mounts on the vacuum so you will not lose them.
  • Longer nozzle for less bending when cleaning stairs and upholstery.
  • Can clean carpeted and bare stairs.
  • Extra filter for replacement available.


Fuller Brush Power Maid

Fuller Brush Vacuums Power Maid Hand VacuumFuller Brush Power Maid is a bit larger than the other products, but this is the best handheld vacuum for stairs if you need one powerful vacuum for all, especially if you live in a large house or house with active kids and pets. It can be used with and without hose, suck practically everything and can clean both carpeted and bare surfaces. Despite not having cordless system, this vacuum has 23 feet cord so you still can use it to clean large surface easily without finding sockets.

The vacuum is available with washable dust bin (non bag) and filter, so it is more practical and safer for house with allergic people. You can suck everything from dust and dirt to pet hair and large food debris. Here are special features of the vacuum:

  • Bag-less system with washable filter with HEPA system.
  • Long cord, 23 feet, for flexibility.
  • Dusting brush is available for simple cleaning.
  • Powerful motor, 845 watt, for powerful suction.
  • Can suck pet hair, large and small debris and dust.
  • Can clean bare and carpeted surface.


Conclusion of The Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

So, which one is the best handheld vacuum for stairs? If you have rather large house or have active children at home, you may want to have Fuller Brush. However, Fuller Brush and Hoover are the best if you have several pets. Black & Decker and Eureka are perfect if you only need small cleaning or one stair that does not too much cleaning. All of these products are great for houses with allergic occupants and kids, because they are all bag-less with washable dirt cup.

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