Best Dust Mop for Hardwood Floors Review

best dust mop for hardwood floorsHardwood floor is a floor that is hard to clean, despite it seemingly smooth and even surface. The material is rather delicate and can be easily dented, scratched or bumped, even though some wood species is harder than others. The best dust mop for hardwood floors works in wonderful ways; it cleans the floor and quickly picks up dust and dirt, but without creating dents and scratches on the surface of the floor. Unlike so many regular mops, the best dust mop should also have modern perks such as easy to wash, non toxic cleaning agent that comes with it, cleaning pad cloth with microfiber technology and of course ergonomic model for more comfortable mopping task.

Four Editor’s Choices of The Best Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors

Bonakemi WM7 1001348

Bonakemi WM7 1001348BonaKemi WM710013348Go To Store

Bonakemi WM7 is a great product to mop and clean hardwood floor if you are looking for super shiny result without any hint of residue. This hardwood floor mop has everything modern mop should have; microfiber for better cleaning that can be washed, non toxic cleaning agent and super ergonomic shape that makes mopping really comfortable. The head swivels so you can easily maneuver in rather narrow and difficult spots. The best news: both the cleaning agent and the microfiber pad is hardwood friendly, so there will be no spots, stains or specks on your beloved floor.

Overall, Bonakemi WM7 is the best dust mop for hardwood floors because it has special features for maximum cleaning, such as:

  • Microfiber pad with washable fabric, which lifts dirt and dust particles easily with just one sweep; making your cleaning up time becomes shorter.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic shape; with swivel head, easily reached trigger, metal hook for hanging the mop, and strong shaft with comfy grip.
  • Non toxic cleaning agent and its cartridge with environmentally friendly formula.
  • Also good to clean other types of smooth, bare floor, including sealed floor such as laminate and vinyl floors.


Scotch Brite MMMM05

Scotch-Brite MMMM005Scotch-Brite MMMM005 Floor Mop Microfibers Hardwood FloorsGo To Store

Speaking about cleaning tool, Scotch Brite is a name that you cannot take out from wide range of cleaning products. The best dust mop for hardwood floors from Scotch Brite family is Scotch Brite MMMM05, a hardwood cleaner with microfiber technology. Although it seems simple in appearance and comes without any cleaning agents, Scotch Brite MMMM05 is regarded as one of favorite products because it is cheap, can clean well without leaving any residue thanks to the microfiber technology, and totally washable.
Scotch Brite also provides simple but beneficial feature: slick cleaning action that makes this mop even great for bamboo floor. Like many other Scotch Brite products, you can also clean wall and ceiling with this mop. Here are some special features presented by this mop:

  • Microfiber cleaning pad with super soft action; you can even just use filtered, warm water to do light cleaning, or cleaning agent for heavy duty and quick cleaning.
  • Great cleaning pad material to be paired with any cleaning agent brands you have at home.
  • Swiveling shaft for more flexibility.
  • Lightweight mop that has long shaft for wider scope of cleaning, including wall and ceiling or reaching difficult spots.


Sh-Mop Hardsurface

Sh-Mop Hardsurface Floor MopSh-Mop Hardsurface Floor MopGo To Store

Despite its seemingly simple form, Sh-Mop Hardsurface is the best dust mop for hardwood floors preferred mostly by professionals in cleaning industry. The mop cleans hardwood floor really well, but this is also good for cleaning other types of smooth floor, including sealed floor such as laminate and vinyl. With rotating head and long shaft, many professional cleaners also use this mop to clean the wall, window, ceiling, shower box glass and many other smooth surfaces. This mop is even great to clean stone floor, and goes great with various cleaning agents, including wood floor and stone cleaners.
Here are some great features of this seemingly simple mop:
Washable cleaning pad with terry cloth cover, which is very durable and cleans really easily on any smooth surface.

  • Long shaft (50 inches) with sturdy structure and rotating cleaning head, which are great to clean difficult spots including spots under the furniture.
  • Goes great with a lot of cleaning products from regular floor cleaning products to stone and wood cleaners to glass cleaning sprays.
  • The model is similar to the ones that all professional cleaners use to clean flat surfaces more effectively.


Starfiber Starmop

Starfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning KitSStarfiber StarMop Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning KitGo To Store

Finally, this is the ultimate mop, the best dust mop for hardwood floors that works as both dry and wet cleaners. Starfiber Starmop is a cleaner with microfiber technology, retractable shaft and powerful cleaning ability that is able to clean dirt and dust even with only warm water. The mop is also a good tool to do deep cleaning for hardwood floor, especially if you just left the house for a long time and want to do huge dust cleaning project.
With powerful cleaning ability from the microfiber pad, Starfiber Starmop is a great tool to really clean the hardwood floor without trying too much. Here are the features present in this mop:

  • Polyester and nylon combination (80:20) for both dry and wet cleaning, and can be done even with water only.
  • Retractable shaft; it can be lengthened from 33 to 59 inches long.
  • Environmentally cleaning agent.
  • Telescope pole to help you reaching difficult spots.
  • Able to clean all types of smooth floor such as laminate and vinyl; lifting dirt and dust easily with just one sweep.
  • More environmentally friendly feature because it does not need cleaning agent all the time.


Conclusion Of The Best Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors

The best dust mop for hardwood floors must be able to clean the floor well and quickly without scratching the hardwood floor. Bonakemi and Scotch Brite are both cheap and have flexible swiveling head to clean difficult spots, but Scotch Brite does not come with its own cleaning product. Sh-Mop and Starfiber are both like tools that will be used by professional cleaners, and they indeed have those qualities. They can clean any surface easily, even on bamboo and stone surfaces. These best dust mops for hardwood floors are easy to use, but they also provide wonderful cleaning methods, even with just water spray.

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