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best degreaser for kitchenKitchen is a place where there are a lot of stains and slick surface from grease; it splatters from hot pan, food and many more, and it often makes kitchen gets dirty quickly. You need the best degreaser for kitchen if you want to keep it shiny, clean and fresh, since heavy layer of grease is something that regular water and soap often cannot deal with. A good degreaser product will make cleaning up easier, because you do not have to do a lot of scrubbing to get rid of grease and fat layer.

Some degreaser products can also reduce odor in the kitchen, while others can be used to clean even the coffee maker machine. Good degreaser can also clean various surfaces that are usually present in the kitchen, such as linoleum, chrome, stainless steel, vinyl, and ceramic. Here are some of the best degreaser products for your kitchen.

Recommended Products for The Best Degreaser For Kitchen


Goo Gone Kitchen Grease Cleaner

Goo Gone Kitchen Grease CleanerGoo Gone is the best degreaser for kitchen, especially if your kitchen is small or medium sized and does not have too much grease like commercial kitchen. The formula is light enough to be environmentally friendly and degradable, but strong enough to wipe out even a rather thick layer of fat from baking and frying activities. The degreaser can also reduce odor by trapping odor molecules that are flying around in the kitchen.

You can use Goo Gone to clean coffee machine, ceramic working table and chrome layer of the fridge or sink. Special features of the degreaser product include:

  • Powerful foam formula, able to clean thick grease and fat layer from various surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Environmentally friendly formula; it is biodegradable and not so harmful for the environment.
  • Able to tie odor molecules from the air, reducing unpleasant or lingering odor.
  • Non perfume, non fume formula; safe to be used every day.
  • Powerful formula that makes you able to clean up without hard scrubbing.


Siege Premium Kitchen Degreaser

Siege Premium Kitchen DegreaserThis is the best degreaser for kitchen if you need rather heavy duty product to clean fat layer of grease and oil, especially if you are very busy in the kitchen every day or have commercial kitchen. The Siege Premium formula is made powerful, about three times stronger than the regular products you often see at the supermarket, but the formula is made biodegradable, so it is more environmentally friendly.

Since the formula is powerful, it reduces the need to scrub hard to get rid of grease layer. Therefore, less time is spent for cleaning the kitchen. Plus, there are special features of Siege Premium that make it a great degreaser product, such as:

  • Powerful formula and foam to break through even the thickest layer of grease, fat and oil.
  • Anti odor formula to make the kitchen smells fresh.
  • Biodegradable formula so it will be environmentally friendly.
  • Powerful formula to be used on various horizontal and vertical surfaces, including oven, microwave, stove, refrigerator door, coffee machine, work table and such.


Stove Hood Degreaser

Stove Hood DegreaserIf you have stove wood that is constantly dirty, Stove Hood Degreaser is the best degreaser for kitchen you can buy. The formula is designed specifically to clean stove hood, a part of the kitchen that is often get layered by grease and splashed of oil or cooking fat (and also emits lingering odor from cooking process). The degreaser can clean quickly without leaving any grease smear, which often happens to lower product quality.

Besides cleaning, Stove Hood Degreaser also eliminates odor and makes your kitchen smells fresh. Here are special features of the product:
•    Powerful formula to cut through grease and oil splash.
•    Light smell and non toxic formula.
•    Able to gives shiny look afterward.
•    There is no need to scrub strongly; one sweep and much grease layer will be lifted.
•    It can be used with regular cleaning cloth, microfiber cloth and brush.
•    The formula is safe for stainless steel and will not discolor the surface.

Krud Kutter KK32

KRUD KUTTER KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner-DegreaserKrud Kutter KK32 is the best degreaser for kitchen and other areas at home; it not only cleans grease and cooking fat or oil, but also paint splatter, varnish, ink and car grease out of various surfaces. The all in one cleaner is designed to eliminate the need of having several cleaning products at home. The formula is strong but also environmentally friendly, making it biodegradable. Krud Kutter is a great product to have at home, especially if you are very busy and often use materials or ingredients that can potentially ruin any surface. Plus, the formula can eliminate bad odor with fresh yet light aroma. Here are special features of this product:

  • Strong formula to clean everything from cooking oil and fat to car grease, paint, glue, oil, ink and varnish.
  • Water based formula, which is safe to use on various surfaces such as metal, carpet, chrome, wood, ceramic, vinyl and many more.
  • Eliminates the need of having strong scrubbing actions.
  • Light smell and non toxic formula, which is safe for a family house.
  • Soft formula for skin with Aloe Vera and fresh citrus scent, leaving pleasant aroma after cleaning.



So, which one is the best degreaser for kitchen you should pick? It depends on your need and how strong you want the formula to act. For example, if you only need regular kitchen degreaser for rather mild to medium cleaning in private kitchen, Goo Gone is a good product. Siege Premium is great if you need much stronger cleaning quality especially for commercial kitchen.

Meanwhile, Stove Hood Degreaser is a degreaser product for more specific cleaning purpose, which is for kitchen stove hood. Finally, if you want to have something more practical at home, which is able to clean not only kitchen but also other rooms from other materials, Krud Kutter is the best product. On the positive side, all of the best degreaser for kitchen described above has environmentally friendly and mild formula, which is safe ofr both the users and environment.

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