Best Air Purifier Under $50

best air purifier under 50 dollarsIf you have tried several different air purifiers, then you might eventually find the fact that more expensive item does not always do more. That makes the idea of best air purifier under $50 makes sense. For those who can no longer tolerate being awaken from a sound sleep by the horrific smell of their pets, then it is time to consider investing a well performed air purifier.

Today it is very possible to get a very good performing air cleaner for the price that comes with sanely priced replacement filters. If you consider unit under $50 to get rid of horrible smell in your air space, then it is suggested that you choose the Allergen-Reducing model as it usually comes with carbon filters for odor reduction.

Best Air Purifier under $50 – What are the Options ?


Holmes HEPA-Type HAP242-UC Desktop Air Purifier

Holmes HAP242-UC HEPA Type Desktop Air PurifierThis is the first best air purifier under $50 in our list. The machine is equipped with HEPA type filter that is effective to get rid of up to 99% of airborne particles with size as tiny as 2 microns passed from the air. It has 3 speed settings designed to give choices for different conditions. It also has optional ionizer for assisting in particle removal. In terms of filter, any Holmes HAPF30D-U2-HEPA-TYPE or Holmes AER1 Series Filter or an a Arm-Holmes as well as Hammer-Carbon Filter or Holmes HAPF300D-U2-TRUE HEPA Filter can be used. It has Slim dual positioning design allowing users to put the device vertically or horizontally to fit their room accordingly. This air purified is best for rooms up to 109 sq ft (10ft x 11ft).

Many consider Holmes HEPA Type HAP242-UC Desktop Air Purifier as great little air purifier. For small to medium rooms like bedrooms or livingrooms this device works well. It is purposed to remove dust and common allergens, pollutants and bacteria from the air. A HEPA air purifier is thought to be effective as it has a filter of thickly folded fibrous paper capable of straining very small particles out of the air. On the low setting the unit is nearly silent, while on medium setting is is not intrusive though still audible.


Hamilton Beach Compact Pet Air TrueAir Purifier

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air PurifierAnother best air purifier under $50 in our list is the Hamilton Beach Compact Pet Air TrueAir Purifier. The unit is full air protection for those owning pets. It features permanent HEPA filter capable of removing 99 percent airborne particles/ pollutants. The filter allows saving on dismissing filter replacement up to $49 a year. Utilizing proven zeolite technology, the air purifier does so well in eliminating pet odors. The unit is suitable for 140 square foot rooms for giving the most effective performance.

According to many customers of Hamilton Beach Compact , by far the product is the best they have ever tried. Compared to other air purifiers in similar category, the unit is much quieter. With compact size and permanent filter, storing and maintaining the machine is convenient. No wonder people prefer to have more than one units in their household so they can put the unit is various place where nasty odor is originated. The suitable place to put this unit could be near the cat’s litter box, the bird cage, etc.


Hamilton Plug Mount odor Beach True Air eliminator

Hamilton Beach True Air Plug Mount odor eliminatorThe next best air purifier under $50 is the Hamilton Plug Mount odor Beach True Air eliminator with one green meadow scent cartridge and built-in night light. The unit can effectively remove all household odor quietly and discretely. It comes wtih filter change indicator and low cost replacement filter. It comes with green meadow scent cartridge and Built-in night light. The unit does not just mask odors, but it truly eliminates them while its scented cartridge makes the air fresh. It is completed with carbon filter capable of trapping and neutralizing common odors in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in pet areas as well as smoking/ tobacco smells. The unwanted odors will be pulled by the quiet fan.

Most customers of Hamilton Plug Mount are happy with their purchase because the little baby does the odor removal so well. Many do not mind the filter replacement because it is not costly. Some put the unit close to litter box, some other place it next to their pig cage so that no nasty odor around their room. For those who have been struggling with odors for too long but refusing to use sprayers containing harmful chemical will find this unit so helpful.


Best Air Purifier under $50 – The Verdict

All in all, the three best air purifier under $50 are Holmes HAP242-UCHamilton Beach Compact and Hamilton Plug Mount. These unit could be the best products that you have ever purchased. You can be among those people who finally find a smarter way to cover up the nasty, disgusting odors/ smell of their cat’s litter box. No matter what litter you use this unit will leave your entire apartment free from annoying odor.

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