Best Air Purifier under $200

best air purifier under 200 dollarsBest air purifier under $200 is what you need to improve the quality of air inside your home or office. Only an air purifier equipped with a real HEPA filter that can do the task effectively, so it can safely gets rid of the tiniest dust and other particles. Not many of us realize that that the air inside our house or office could contain 2 to 5 times more pollutants than the air outdoors do.

Those who have allergies may recognize this and when the polluted air is around they will usually have a stuffy nose. Having best air purifier under $200 allows you to have a sanctuary of sorts giving time for your sinuses clear up without burdening your wallet.

Best Air Purifier under $200 – What are the Options?


Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier with True HEPA FilterFellowes Air Purifier is the first list for best air purifier under $200 . This is a powerful air purifier with True HEPA Filter, Air purity sensor, PlasmaTRUE Technology and quiet operation with 5-year warranty. With all of these important features the unit can monitor the air quality and can adjust automatically the fan speed to keep your air space purified. It is capable of safe removal of 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, which include mold spores, pollen, ragweed, pet dander, dust mites, viruses, germs, pet dander, and other allergens such as cigarette smoke and particular odors.

Many highly appreciate Fellowes Air Purifier as it cleverly works by creating an ionized field to help effectively and safely remove air airborne pollutants. It can purify medium sized rooms without causing noise when operating. Right out of the box, customers will be impressed by the look of this Fellows air purifier. Although it is somewhat large, It is actually quite lightweight and certainly very easy to install. Users can benefit from two settings, manual and auto to adjust their need accordingly.


Coway AP-1012GH Smart Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Coway AP-1012GH Smart Air Purifier with HEPA FilterCoway Smart Air Purifier AP-1012GH should be in the list when it comes to best air purifier under $200 . The smart air purifier comes with pollution level sensor that can monitor continuously air-borne particles and can adjust its air flow speed accordingly. The unit is capable of 4-stage filtration starting from pre-filtering, carbon filtering, true hepa filtering, and ionizing that can effectively eradicates pollutants. The air quality indicator is equipped to deliver visible color change, displaying the air quality level captures by particle sensor technology. With Aham and energy star certification and long-lasting 3-year hepa filter, this air purifier is more than capable to fight dust, pollen, smoke, ash, mold and pet dander.

According to customers’ reviews, Coway Smart Air Purifier AP-1012GH with HEPA Filter is ranked high because it is convenient and powerful. All issues related with allergies due to pet dander, dust or odors will never be annoying once they invest in the certified air purifier. Users can easily notice the difference in their air space as they have installed the Coway unit. They can say bye to all of those nasty fine particle pet litter particles. The COWAY can effectively filter the air, producing freash and clean air for healthier living. Customers are also happy as the Coway has actually a fantastic look with blue lights and a sleek black mirror effect that can be easily seen in the dark or light.


Hoover Air Purifier 600, WH10600

Hoover Air Purifier 600, WH10600Hoover WH10600 is the next best air purifier under $200. The unit comes with the Titanium Dioxide coated screen increasing UV effectiveness by aiding to remove 99.9% of germs. to remove other airborne germs, bacteria, and pathogens UV Bulb is equipped. There are UV/Ti02 on/off controls that can be used during flu season and all year round. This hoover air purifier is also completed with Rinsable Pre-filter to capture pet hair, lint and other large particles, while a HEPA media filter is used to catch the smallest particles. It utilizes IntelliSense Control system that can sense air quality and can adjust automatically fan speed.

Many customers find that on the control panel the lights are rather bright. Compared to the WH10400 model, the the WH10600 Air has the auto-mode for the fan speed with fancy display and comes with a remote. The auto mode is greatly appreciated as when the air is clear the fan will automatically runs on low and quiet with blue display. Red display is when users are really stirring up dirty air. With this Hoover WH10600Air Purifier 600 many have toss their old sharper image purifiers to trash bin for good.


Best Air Purifier under $200 – The Verdict

Overall, in terms of the best air purifier under $200, the Fellowes Air Purifier , the Hoover WH10600  and Coway Smart Air Purifier AP-1012GH with HEPA Filter are the most recommended products to buy. Compared to the lower type models, these air purifiers employ automatic modes that allow the machine to automatically on its lowest speed when the air is clean. By doing so, the machine allows users to make energy saving.

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