Reviews of the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floorsHardwood floors are one of the most popular options for flooring at various house types. Many people love hardwood because it is durable, elegant and has natural beauty that matches all decoration types. It also keeps its texture and color even after a very long time. You can install this kind of floor just like that at home or covered it with rug and carpet. Having a hardwood floor may not be a problem if you live alone or just with one or two house mates, but things change when you are in other situations. If you live in a rather large or crowded house together with pets or a bunch of children, cleaning up can become a very demanding task. When your floor is a combination between hardwood and carpet or rug, the task will be doubled. So the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is likely the tool that you need.

Hair, lint, pet’s hair, pet’s disposal, dust, dirt, tiny beads from toys or accessories and food or drink spill can instantly ruin a good carpet, and eventually the floor. Although having children and pets are enjoyable, you must also deal with a lot of cleaning tasks if you want to keep a good hardwood floor stays good for a long time. The vacuum surely must have powerful suction, easy to handle and steer and has anti allergy seal. To help you, here are some of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors that you can search at stores. They are powerful, practical and will keep your hardwood stays polished and clean.  If you would prefer to use a sweeper than a vacuum cleaner, you can read our blog post about the best sweeper to clean the hardwood floor.

Top 5 recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors :

1. Hoover Linx Cordless

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner reviewsHoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum CleanerCHECK PRICE

If you are type of person that likes to be practical and wants a portable vacuum cleaner, Hoover Linx Cordless is a great product for you. As its name suggests, this vacuum cleaner frees you from the need of searching for outlets when cleaning different rooms at home; the vacuum is powered by 18 volt of Fade Free Lithium Battery and comes with charger. This way, you will be able to do cleaning up without being troubled by the cord. It is also very sleek and has upright model, which means that you can keep it inside the wardrobe or cabinet without eating up much space.

From the performance, Hoover Linx is deemed as one of the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. It sucks up dirt, dust, lint and even delicate pet’s hair very easily on hardwood floor; all of them then go into a transparent dirt cup that is very easy to dispose, letting you know when it is time to dispose the content. Do you need to clean the carpeted area, too? Not to worry, because this vacuum cleaner comes with reachable on/off button to switch between hardwoods cleaning function and carpeted floor’s (although the later only works best on medium or low pile rug and carpet). It also has low base profile for easy cleaning in difficult areas and comes with 2 year warranty for the vacuum and battery.

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2. Evolution Robotic Mint Hard Floor Cleaner 4200

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200CHECK PRICE

If you must constantly clean hardwood floor because of frequent spill, dirt and pet’s hair, you can relax now. Evolution Robotic Mint Hard Floor Cleaner 4200 is a new generation of floor cleaning ‘robot’ that can automatically detect dust, dirt and spills on the floor before cleaning them. It can clean floor using both dry and wet microfiber cloths, depend on what kind of agent you want to clean. Wet cloth cleans thicker dirt and spills, dry cloth sweeps sheen layer of dust. With smart North Star Navigation System, this is clearly the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. Charge this cleaner once and it goes for 3 hours of cleaning, and will turn itself off after finished.

It is also very quiet when cleaning, and can navigate its own way on open areas, even around most complicated labyrinth of furniture items. Evolution Robotic Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 4200 is also matched with most brands of disposable cleaner cloths, although you can wash and dry the microfiber cloths that come with the product. What is good about this product is that it functions perfectly on bare, laminate and sealed hardwood floors as well as tiled or vinyl floors.

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3. Shark NV356E Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner - Model NV356EShark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV356ECHECK PRICE

Shark NV356E is a great vacuum cleaner if you must do heavy cleaning all the time and have (or live with someone who has) allergy or asthma. The portable dirt canister is transparent so you will always know when to dispose the content, and it has anti allergen seal to prevent dust from flying everywhere when you dispose it. However, that is not the only reason why Shark NV356E is ranked among the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

This vacuum cleaner has motorized brush roll plus microfiber pads that will completely clean your bare, hardwood floor from anything (from dust to pet’s hair lint). Plus, the handle is swiveled so you can maneuver easily around furniture items. The 30 feet length cord will give you more freedom when doing cleaning up. Also, the product comes with extra tools for different cleaning tasks such as special brush for cleaning up pet hair, dusting brush for light dust cleaning around racks and small furniture items, and cleaning tool special for crevices,small crannies and nooks.

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4. Miele S2121 Olympus

Miele S2121 OlympusMiele S2121 OlympusCHECK PRICE

Miele has always been considered as one of the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, and this one is no exception. First of all, it really has great suction power, yet very lightweight. The design is also ergonomic so you can feel comfortable holding the hose. There are six levels of adjustment for suction power so you can use the best power level for every cleaning task; from cleaning bare hardwood floor to rug and carpet. With just one click, you can quickly change function from bare floor cleaning to carpeted floor.

Miele S2121 also has multiple clip functions so you can attach different cleaning tools, including dusting brush, special nozzle for crevices and upholstery cleaning tool. Plus, since the cord is retractable, you do not have to be troubled with tangled cord. Although this vacuum only works best on low pile carpeting, but the power on smooth, hardwood floor is considered exceptional. Plus, the dirt bag has anti allergen seal, making it perfect for a family cleaning tool.

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5. Dyson DC40

Dyson DC40 Reviews - Multi Floor Upright Vacuum CleanerDyson DC40 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum CleanerCHECK PRICE

Dyson DC40 is a great vacuum cleaner with new ball technology that makes cleaning hardwood floor very easy. It is among one of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors if you are looking for extremely easy control and maneuvering around the house while cleaning up. Unlike other common vacuum cleaners, Dyson DC40 has ball system as the base, which makes it easy for you to change direction with just a slight flick of your wrist. It also has extendable hose that can reach even the farthest spots with minimal effort.

Dyson DC40 also has powerful suction thanks to its radial root cyclone technology that keeps dust and dirt from clogging the airflow. With this, you can clean almost everythingon the hardwood floor, even tiny beads. It can also catch particles as small as 0.5 micron, makes it perfect if you or your other family members have allergy and asthma. This is a great vacuum cleaner to have if you have both children and pets around the house. Once you see something fell from the kids and pets, you can just drag Dyson DC40 and see the offending objects disappear very quickly.

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Conclusion : which one is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors ?

The above mentioned products are among the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors based on various online reviews, but each of them has special characteristics that you may want to consider before choosing one. If you have rather large house and packed with obstacles such as furniture items, you may want a vacuum cleaner that is easy to steer and maneuver. In that case, Dyson DC40 with its ball technology or Hoover Linx with its low base profile and cordless system can be your first options. If you must do regular cleaning up in a rather large room, yet do not have many people walking around, perhaps you want to lighten up your burden by buying automatic cleaner such as Evolution Mint 4200 (it is very practical, but rather slow, so it is better if there are not many people around).

However, with the later, you must make sure that you always have clean microfiber cloths or stocking up disposable cloths to use it. If you are looking for powerful suction as well as anti allergy quality, which is very important if you have both pets and children, you may want to consider Miele S2121, Shark NV356E and Dyson DC40. They work perfectly well on bare hardwood floor and have anti allergen seal technology. However, all three of them may not work as good as on the hardwood if you have high pile of rugs. Nevertheless, if your main floor area is consisted of hardwood, these five are the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

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